Visit SportsPress Developmental!

Photo Credit: SportsPress Visit out new SportsPress Developmental site HERE! This new site is where some of our younger and less experiences writers are now writing to develop the skills needed to publish higher quality articles on SportsPress. It is also where all new writers will begin so that they can be examined in terms of their skills and writing abilities before making the jump to the … Continue reading Visit SportsPress Developmental!

2016 SportsPress “SP” Awards Nominees

Photo Credit: SportsPress These awards will be voted on by our writers. Each writer’s vote counts as an amount in accordance to their rank in terms of the most posts, starting with 1st place having their vote count as the most points, and ending with last place having their vote count as one point. No one will be permitted to vote for themselves or their article(s) in … Continue reading 2016 SportsPress “SP” Awards Nominees