The Lasting Legacy of David Ortiz

Photo Credit: Boston As David Ortiz walks off the field at Fenway Park after being eliminated from the playoffs, he cries. He cries tears of joy because of the past 20 seasons he spent as an MLB player, and his dream of being an American coming true. After the Minnesota Twins released Ortiz after the 2002 season, the Boston Red Sox decided to snag the designated hitter from the free agents list. … Continue reading The Lasting Legacy of David Ortiz

Blue Jays Walk Off to the ALDS

Photo Credit: What could be more perfect than last season, when Toronto Blue Jays’ right fielder Jose Bautista hit a go-ahead 3-run home run against the Texas Rangers in Game 5 to clinch the ALDS? That’s right, another home run by the Blue Jays, but this time a walk-off home run in the AL Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles for the right to … Continue reading Blue Jays Walk Off to the ALDS

“What If” Sports Theories

Photo Credit: These are sports theories for what might have happened if other things didn’t occur. What if Tom Brady never got his chance at stardom because Drew Bledsoe got hurt? If this happened the New England Patriots would have easily made the playoffs the next few years but probably not won a Super Bowl. What if Lou Gehrig did not get ALS? If this happened, Lou … Continue reading “What If” Sports Theories

Starting Rotations for Teams with a Good Chance at Making the MLB Playoffs

Photo Credit: (featured image), ESPN (team logos) American League A.L. East Boston Red Sox- #1 David Price, #2 Rick Porcello, #3 Drew Pomeranz, #4 Steven Wright Toronto Blue Jays- #1 J.A. Happ, #2 Aaron Sanchez, #3 Marco Estrada, #4 Marcus Stroman Baltimore Orioles- #1 Chris Tillman, #2 Yovani Gallardo, #3 Kevin Gausman, #4 Dylan Bundy A.L. Central Detroit Tigers- #1 Justin Verlander, #2 Michael … Continue reading Starting Rotations for Teams with a Good Chance at Making the MLB Playoffs

Is the U.S. Not Good at Hockey Anymore?

Photo Credit: This question will be looming for U.S. hockey for the next two years until the Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. After an early exit of a renewed prestigious hockey tournament, many fans seem doubtful of American Hockey. In 2010, a squad of very talented hockey players backed behind elite goalie Ryan Miller almost won gold against the top team Canada who … Continue reading Is the U.S. Not Good at Hockey Anymore?

College Football Playoff Underdogs

Photo Credit: FOX Sports (featured image), CBS Sports (team logos)  Washington Huskies (Current AP Poll Rank: 8th) Even though this squad from Seattle is ranked 8th, no one expects them to be a top 4 team at the end of the year. For their mediocre offense to shine, they need wide receiver John Ross III to beat every cornerback he faces. Upcoming key games for … Continue reading College Football Playoff Underdogs