Raptors Tie Series at 2 with Win Over Cavaliers

Photo Credit: thestar.com The Toronto Raptors were not favorites going into the Eastern Conference Finals. The first two games of the series showed why people thought the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the series, as two straight losses was not a good sign for the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors came back and won game 3 behind Bismack Biyombo’s 26 rebounds. Yes you heard correctly, 26 rebounds. … Continue reading Raptors Tie Series at 2 with Win Over Cavaliers

Cavaliers Take 2-0 Series Lead

Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com The Cleveland Cavaliers “Big 3” of point guard Kyrie Irving, power forward Kevin Love, and small forward LeBron James have been meshing together well lately. It has been a great sight for all of the supporters of the Cavs, as after the waiting for the “Big 3” to do something special, something special is finally happening. Another easy win tonight over the Toronto … Continue reading Cavaliers Take 2-0 Series Lead

Raptors Demolish Heat 116-89; Reach ECF

Photo Credit: winnersandwhiners.com With the series surprisingly tied 3-3 going into game 7, the Heat were underdogs for most of the series and this games showed us why. The Raptors, who were favorites, had been letting Heat shooting guard Dwayne Wade do pretty much whatever he wanted throughout the series, and people were calling his level of play right now his “father prime.” That didn’t … Continue reading Raptors Demolish Heat 116-89; Reach ECF

Lillard Drops 40 Points in Win

Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com What a game. Going into the game, the Trailblazers were down 2-0 in the series even without Stephen Curry playing in those two games for the Golden State Warriors. Hoping to win, Damian Lillard was insane, scoring 40 points and dishing out 10 assists, leading his team to victory, 120-108. Once Damian Lillard caught fire, he did not stop, and had an insane game for … Continue reading Lillard Drops 40 Points in Win

Pavelski Nets 2 As Sharks Take 3-2 Series Lead

Photo Credit: cbssports.com After a tough 4-3 loss to the Nashville Predators, the San Jose Sharks were going into game 5 looking to win and bring to series to a 3-2 lead. They came out firing. With Joe Pavelski leading the Sharks, they dominated the Predators 5-1. Joe Pavelski netted two goals, as he seemed to be in a mentality where losing wasn’t an option. Going into game … Continue reading Pavelski Nets 2 As Sharks Take 3-2 Series Lead

Kelly Olynyk to Undergo Surgery?

Photo Credit: USA Today To start off the postseason, Kelly Olynyk didn’t have the best of luck. He reaggravated his right shoulder in game 1 versus the Atlanta Hawks. Danny Ainge, the Boston Celtics president of operations said this on the topic: “Kelly is deciding what to do with our medical staff and with the opinions he has received.” With Olynyk having right shoulder issues lingering in the … Continue reading Kelly Olynyk to Undergo Surgery?

Spurs Rout Thunder

Photo Credit: USA TSI Hot off a 4-0 series win against the Memphis Grizzlies, the San Antonio Spurs were expected to be confident, and they were, especially when they are playing on their home court. The Oklahoma City Thunder, also coming off a hot 4-1 series win against the Dallas Mavericks, came into San Antonio with a chance to win a game in one of the … Continue reading Spurs Rout Thunder

Dwyane Wade Fouled?

Photo Credit: allucanheat.com It was a controversial no-call in a big game. The Miami Heat, who had lost the last two games in the series against the Charlotte Hornets, were down in Game 5 by a score of 90-88. Goran Dragic attempted a three which was blocked, but Wade recovered it and went for the post. He used a quick move and went to the hoop, where … Continue reading Dwyane Wade Fouled?

Lillard and McCollum Go Off in Win

  Photo Credit: USA Today   Being down 2-0 in a playoff series isn’t the best situation for any team. Unfortunate, for the Trailblazers at least, that’s the situation they put themselves in. Coming into the playoffs, point guard Damian Lillard had been lighting up the league after being snubbed from the All Star game. Also, CJ McCollum was a clear front-runner for the Most … Continue reading Lillard and McCollum Go Off in Win

Chiefs Lose Appeal in Maclin Tampering Case

Photo Credit: kcchiefs.homestead.com Jeremy Maclin, after having been signed in the 2014-2015 season, was still under contract with the Eagles. In the NFL rulebook, a player can not sign with another team while still under contract with another team. The Chiefs were fined $250,000 dollars originally, and Andy Reid was fined $75,000 dollars originally for this offense. The Chiefs lost the their 3rd round choice this year and … Continue reading Chiefs Lose Appeal in Maclin Tampering Case

Repeat Chances

Photo Credit: Atmen Gallery 73-9. A historical record for a historic team. The Golden State Warriors finished 73-9 in the regular season to beat the 95-96 Bulls. Now, it’s the postseason. Where legendary players and legendary moments are made. With Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green leading the Warriors title defense, here is my opinion on the Warriors chances. To start off, Andrew Bogut and Green can … Continue reading Repeat Chances

NBA Number 1 Pick: ?

Photo Credit: Alan Schaefer Going into the 2015-2016 NCAA basketball season, everyone had a clear-cut image of who the number one pick would be: Ben Simmons. As time went by, LSU basketball started to fall in the rankings and eventually didn’t even make the tournament. Another great player named Brandon Ingram led Duke to the tournament, and past the first two rounds. All of this … Continue reading NBA Number 1 Pick: ?

Lottery Number 73

Photo Credit: sportingnews.com Number 73. Not just any number to the Golden State Warriors. It’s a record, a history bookmark, an idolization. 73 wins is what it will take to beat the 72-10 Bulls record from the 95-96 season. At 70-9, the Warriors are three wins away from becoming the all time wins record holder in the NBA, a huge accomplishment for any team. Stephen … Continue reading Lottery Number 73

Oklahoma Destroyed by Villanova

Photo Credit: syracuse.com An upset? To some yes, to some no. In any case, this was embarrassing for Oklahoma. Villanova puts up 95 to beat them in a blow out game. The final score being 95-51, it was a horrific performance from Oklahoma, especially Buddy Hield. He would go on long streaks without a make and Villanova capitalized during those times. Also, Villanova played outstanding defense … Continue reading Oklahoma Destroyed by Villanova

History at UConn?

Photo Credit: sikids.com With a recent 101-49 win for No. 1 seed Connecticut over No. 16 seed Robert Morris in the first round of the women’s NCAA March Madness tournament, many have been talking about UConn’s quest for history. In the past three years, UConn has won the big dance three times in those three years, making it a 3-peat. This year, the UConn women’s basketball team is … Continue reading History at UConn?

Bracket Busted?

Photo Credit: newsday.com No. 2 seed Michigan State took a loss in the round of 64 today against No. 15 Middle Tennessee. This was a shocker to most people, as a large percentage of people who created brackets had Michigan State winning the big dance. They were out-played all game, especially being down by more than 10 at more than one occasion. They trailed the entire game. … Continue reading Bracket Busted?