Liberals’ pretentious behavior demonstrates pure hypocrisy

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Yet another sensitive situation has emerged during which liberals have lost their minds solely because of the situation’s political implications.

After President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become the newest Supreme Court Justice as the replacement for Judge Anthony Kennedy, Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault when he was a teenager.

Predictably, even without anything to back up the claims of Kavanaugh’s accusers, those on the left-wing immediately lost their minds and demanded that Kavanaugh withdraw his name and tried to throw Trump under the bus for his nomination of Kavanaugh.

Even after his testimony and the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, the first of his now three accusers who claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party in 1982, there is still no evidence against him.

In fact, many of Ford’s own witnesses have denied that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh, and her seemingly conveniently not being able to remember key details of her alleged encounter with him do absolutely nothing to help her case.

Yet under the guise of caring deeply for Ford’s well-being, liberals continue to threaten Kavanaugh and his family as well as Senators who are set to vote on whether or not he will become the next Supreme Court Justice.

In reality, the fact that so many people are “morally outraged” is nothing more than a farce, and I don’t say that simply because I’m a conservative who is talking about liberals. I say that because there is statistical evidence that proves that the people who are pretending to be outraged are, indeed, pretending to be outraged as opposed to actually being outraged.

More than 20 million people tuned in to the hearing on Thursday, September 27 — a work day for most, no less.

A recent sensitive situation to which this can be slightly compared is that of Trump and his alleged sexual encounter with port star Stormy Daniels. Once again, upon hearing these accusations (accusations of consensual sex, no less), liberals became “morally outraged” and demanded Trump’s impeachment.

But once again, it was fairly clear that the people who were pretending to be outraged were, indeed, pretending to be outraged as opposed to actually being outraged.

A total of 21.3 million viewers tuned in to Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS on Sunday, March 25. Yes, 21.3 million people tuned in to listen to some random hooker telling us about one of the times she had consensual sex. Are we supposed to believe that this had nothing — or really anything less than everything — to do with political motivation?

Of course, there is the aspect of the alleged $130,000 payment given from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen to Daniels that makes this situation sketchy; there is no doubt about it doubt. And, of course, fornication is undoubtedly wrong. But I will get back to this a little later on.

Now let’s look at an instance involving (a) sexual assault — not consensual sex — and (b) real, proven sexual assault — not allegations that have no backing in any way, shape or form despite a concentrated effort to make this not the case.

On Sunday, April 22, NBC aired a Dateline NBC hourlong special called “Silent No More”. “Silent No More” was a documentary about the Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal.

Nassar, the 55-year-old disgraced former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State physician Larry Nassar of sexual assault, has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 330 individuals, many of whom female gymnasts, under the guise of medical treatment for more than two decades.

Among those who have accused him of sexual assault are Olympic champion gymnasts Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison KocianMcKayla MaroneyAly RaismanKyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber.

Nassar is set to spend the rest of his life in prison. He was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison back in December on three child pornography charges by U.S. District Judge Janet Neff.

He was serving this prison sentence at United States Penitentiary, Tucson, a maximum-security federal prison in Tucson, Arizona, before his lawyers revealed that he was physically assaulted within hours of his release into the general population of the prison.

Weeks later, Nassar was transferred to the Federal Transfer Center, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and he was recently transferred to United States Penitentiary, Coleman II, a high-security federal prison for male inmates that is located in central Florida roughly 50 miles northwest of Orlando, 60 miles northeast of Tampa and 35 miles south of Ocala and is a part of the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex (FCC Coleman) and is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice.

In January, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Nassar to between 40 and 175 years in state prison on seven sexual assault charges following a seven-day sentencing hearing in Ingham County, Michigan during which 169 victim impact statements were delivered in front of Nassar in court.

Of those 169 victim impact statements, 156 were delivered by people who have accused Nassar of sexual assault and the other 13 were delivered on the behalves of those who have accused him of sexual assault.

In February, Judge Janice Cunningham sentenced Nassar between an additional 40 and 125 more years in state prison on three more sexual assault charges following a three-day sentencing hearing in Eaton County, Michigan during which 65 victim impact statements were delivered in front of Nassar in court.

The father of three of Nassar’s accusers attempted to attack Nassar in court during this sentencing hearing.

In June, Nassar was charged with six counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child in stemming from the Károlyi Ranch investigation in Texas, but he was not issued any additional prison time as a result of these charges.

Given the magnitude of this sexual assault scandal, the average human being who knows nothing about American politics (which is somewhat of an oxymoron) would logically believe that “Silent No More” would draw in a far bigger audience than did the Kavanaugh hearing and Stormy Daniels’ interview.

This is not even relatively close to being the case and would not even be relatively close to being the case if you multiplied the viewer total of “Silent No More” several times over.

A total of 3.858 million viewers tuned in to “Silent No More”.

Roughly six times as many people tuned in to watch a hearing pertaining to a sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh with no evidence behind it no matter how you look at, an allegation that only publicly surfaced just before his Supreme Court confirmation than tuned in to hear real sexual assault victims talk about what they were forced to endure and what needs to change within the institutions that enabled it.

Roughly six times as many people tuned in to listen to a porn star talk about having consensual sex than tuned in to hear, again, real sexual assault victims talk about what they were forced to endure and what needs to change within the institutions that enabled it.

I don’t think I am off-base when I make the claim that political motivation, not assault itself, fuels people to care — in this case, liberals — and the lack of it in certain situations doesn’t fuel that same need to care — in this case, the Nassar scandal.

If I am wrong, why did Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview and the Kavanaugh hearing draw in so many more viewers as “Silent No More” did?

Of course, there is the argument of “with power comes the abuse of power”, and this phrase is quite often associated with abusers, and rightfully so if accusations are true, which, of course, is not always the case. This is especially the case in politics and even in these alleged situations involving President Donald Trump and potential Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

But was Nassar, a world-renowned doctor, not in a position of power?

Absolutely. Nassar was in a position where he had access to hundreds of adolescent girls where the parents are not allowed. But because this situation was not fixable simply by millions of people going to a voting booth or by a Senate vote, I guess it doesn’t qualify as “power” by the standards that people claim “power” has an influence over their alleged concern about people such as Trump and Kavanaugh.

I said I would discuss Cohen’s payment and I am about to get that to further prove my point that the alleged concern of sexual assault is not the concern that most liberals truly have.

This alleged payment of $130,000 payment given from Cohen to Daniels certainly makes this situation sketchy to say the least. But is that payment — in other words, something other than political motivation — the real reason why this situation got the publicity that it did?

Not even close. Here’s why.

USA Gymnastics, one of the many institutions that protected, defended and enabled Nassar while he got away with sexual assaulting his patients under the guise of medical treatment for more than two decades, paid McKayla Maroney $1.25 million  (roughly 10 times the amount of $130,000) to keep quiet about the sexual assault that she was forced to endure starting at the age of 13 — not consensual sex she had as a prostitute!

To add on to that, Aly Raisman was also offered a settlement agreement with confidentiality in it by USA Gymnastics, which she rejected. I won’t even begin to speculate a specific amount of money that they tried to pay her, but seeing as how they paid Maroney $1.25 million in an attempt to save face by keeping a high-profile gymnast from revealing that Nassar had sexually assaulted her, I would venture to make an educated guess that the amount they offered to Raisman was a lot closer to $1.25 million than it was to $130,000.

If “sexual assault” was the true concern, wouldn’t a documentary about the biggest sexual assault scandal in sports history that involved a number of the world’s most prominent Olympic athletes draw in far more viewers than the Kavanaugh hearing and Stormy Daniels’ interview?

It would. But it didn’t. As to why it didn’t, sexual assault is certainly not the answer because this documentary actually pertained to real sexual assault, not consensual sex nor allegations with no backing that only publicly surfaced at a politically convenient time to say the very least.

Political motivation, however, is the answer, and unfortunately that is what is more important to millions of people.

While I truly don’t think that Kavanaugh is guilty of what he is being accused of doing, all of this logic backs up the idea that even if he is guilty, the only reason many liberals “care” is because of the fact that he is a Trump-nominated potential Supreme Court Justice. This in itself is a disgrace.

If you still don’t believe me, look at the fact that liberals continue to defend the sexual assault of former democratic President Bill Clinton.

The writing is on the wall.


-Asher Fair