Debunking all of the McKayla Maroney criticism comments

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WARNING: Parts of this article contain sensitive material and may be NSFW.

Former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is one of the more than 260 individuals who have accused disgraced former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University physician Larry Nassar of sexual assault.

Nassar, 54, was arrested in December of 2016 after roughly two decades of sexually assaulting his patients, many of whom female gymnasts, under the guise of medical treatment.

He was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison this past December on three child pornography charges before he was sentenced to between 40 and 175 years in state prison earlier this year in January on seven sexual assault charges.

Nassar’s third and final sentence was given to him earlier this year in February, and it was for between 40 and 125 years in state prison on three more sexual assault charged. He has since been taken to United States Penitentiary Tucson in Tucson, Arizona to serve his 60-year federal prison sentence.

It is typical that when someone reveals that they have been sexually assaulted, people are quick to blame the victim. This has also been the case after Maroney revealed that she was sexually assaulted by Nassar.

People criticized Maroney when she revealed that she was sexually assaulted in October and when she spoke publicly about the sexual assault that she was forced to endure at the hands of Nassar for the first time just this past week.

These criticism comments, which I have attempted to debunk, were taken from a Dateline NBC Facebook post about Maroney and a TODAY video on YouTube. Some of them are grouped together because they are basically implying the same concepts.

Here are the comments.

sure she was

She was. That’s a fact. Sarcasm won’t change that.

And why let him do it? She like it?

By definition of the world “molested”, you can’t “let someone” molest you. This comment holds no water whatsoever, especially with the ignorant “She like it?” thrown in at the end.

When I was 6 my mother made me sit on santas lap & he kept trying to put his hand between my thighs, i dug my nails into his hand because I knew it wasn’t right…You chose to keep ur mouth shut in order to get medals. U KNEW it was wrong but U ALLOWED it to continue… for fame…..btw, ur plastic surgery is a mess!

You can’t “allow” yourself to be sexual assaulted. Making that asinine claim shows that you do not know the meaning of the term “assault”. As far as her plastic surgery goes, she never had plastic surgery, so there’s that. She looks different than she did in 2012. It’s called transitioning from childhood adulthood — something that you clearly may not have experienced yet based on the fact that you are blaming her for her own assault.

I don’t understand why she would have let herself be molested hundreds of times before speaking out. It doesn’t make sense to me. I think she was molested by Nassar but I think she is exaggerating somewhat.

Again, she can’t “let herself” be molested. She was molested. It happened to her. She didn’t coordinate it. As far as speaking out, she along with many others spoke out well before now but were ignored. There is documented evidence of this.

This whole thing is a PSYOP. Even if this did happen she was a victim the first time after that she was an accomplice.

“Even if this did happen” insinuates that you don’t believe it happened to begin with, which it did. Adding to that ignorance, calling her an accomplice for her own assault is extremely ridiculous. No one gets sexually assaulted on purpose. It’s really not a challenging concept to wrap your head around if you try to do so.

You know what I get it when people say sometime it takes a while before people can come forward and speak about being abuse, molested or a life changing experience. But somewhere along the line people should be held accountable for incidents that happened so long ago. For example you here about people saying they was molested by a grown up thirty years after the experience. Now look how long Maroney has been away from the Olympics. Unless somebody had you strapped to a chair or you was living in a cave away from civilization. Go somewhere and shut up. Its people like you that ruined it for people that is victimized in real life, Turn your lips sideways on that (Creature).

You lost me when you insinuated that she should be held accountable for her own sexual assault. Any by the way, she is not going anywhere, and neither are any of the other “Army of Survivors”. To quote Aly Raisman, “We are here. We have our voices and we are not going anywhere.” Also, I’m not sure how people like her ruin it for people who are really victimized when she was really victimized and you’re completely discrediting her.

Everybody deserves a second chance guys Larry Nassar just wants to practice the medicine that he loves that we all love

Need I even comment on this one? The guy is locked up for between 140 and 360 years on three separate charges all pertaining to sexual misconduct. He is a monster. End of story.

Notice all these girls he helped became champions. I find them to be very ungrateful.

I find it hard to believe that anyone actually is grateful for being sexually assaulted. In fact, that’s impossible. He didn’t help any of them do anything. They, including Maroney, became champions through long hours of hard work.

The problem I have with all this propped up alleged abuse cases are twofold. First many of these people making these claims waited years to come forward,and second they took the fame and money offered by their so called abusers. They could have had they been so offended by these alleged acts of abuse,forgone their fame and fortune and moved back to “small town”, America. Seems to me those two facts are being covered up and ignored.

The only facts that are being covered up and ignored are the ones that you are refusing to acknowledge. This abuse did, in fact, happen, and many of these victims, including Maroney, spoke up long before the public was made aware of their accusations. There is documented proof of this.

Why did she keep going back to him if he kept molesting her?

This is a picture from 2000, but nothing changed. She, along with many others, had no choice. “Treatment” from Nassar was mandatory.


Not watching the video because I don’t like the anchors. But I came here to say, What if we live in a time where NOT speaking out could mean the end of your career, as in, McKayla was getting older and becoming irrelevant after her 15 minutes of fame? And she couldn’t let go of the attention, so she literally had to accuse somebody of sexual harassment to say relevant. So if she didn’t speak up, it wouldn’t end her career, but let her slowly grow older and irrelevant. And if she did speak up, and make things up, it would keep her in the limelight at the expense of an innocent man’s life.

So you didn’t watch the video, but you’re apparently an expert on the subject. That’s almost comical. I can assume from this comment that you also have no concept of the rest of this situation. Maroney is not irrelevant, has not been irrelevant and will not be irrelevant. She didn’t accuse anyone for attention. She accused Nassar of sexual assault, and the fact that you think Nassar is innocent also speaks volumes about your ignorance, which, based on the fact that you admit that you did not watch the video, may very well stem from the fact that you have not followed this scandal whatsoever up until now when it is convenient for you to blame the victim.

Cause she enjoyed it

She loved it

The stupidity in these comments speaks for itself. These people should Google what the word “assault” means, in addition to the word “depression”, because Maroney experienced a ton of both of those, with the possibility of either bringing enjoyment being zero.

Another gold digger looking for some spotlight and make money.

Follow the $$$$$ …where was she when it happend?

Breaks her silence…… no she was not getting attention anymore so she had to make this public …. for attention
“Dad, I can’t handle this,” her father says she told him. “Money isn’t that important.” This was stated by Maroney before she revealed to the public that she had been sexually assaulted. If you knew anything whatsoever about this scandal, you would know that she isn’t just making this public now, and she certainly is not doing it for the money. She revealed that she was sexually assaulted this past October, and she had a victim impact statement read on her behalf at Nassar’s sentencing hearing in January. Given the fact that she was forced into signing a non-disclosure agreement with USA Gymnastics in December of 2016, that means she had to have spoken up long before that. What is happening now is she is publicly discussing what happened to her. Everyone who know anything about this scandal knew she had been assaulted already.

tell it like it is. True she wanted the rewards and perks so she allowed it and eventually like it

“Telling it like it is” is literally the exact opposite of what you just did. She was sexually assaulted over and over again and became so depressed that her mother worried that she may commit suicide. It’s safe to say that she did not “eventually” like it.

I don’t feel sorry for her. She chose to stay silent all those years. Going to the Olympics was more important than speaking out about abuse. They all knew what Larry Nassar was doing. These were not little girls. If a gymnast has a broken arm or let’s say a shoulder dislocation no doctor should be going near your private area
 If going to the Olympics was more important than speaking out about abuse, we wouldn’t be in a position where more than 260 individuals have now accused Nassar of sexual assault. Also, “all those years” of Maroney staying silent is a huge exaggeration. She actually revealed that she was sexually assaulted long before she went public with her accusations. And yes, 13-year-old girls are “little girls”. As far as Nassar’s procedures go, the gymnasts were told by Nassar among other USA Gymnastics officials that he was the absolute best at what he did, and he was able to gain their trust as a result of that. He was a master manipulator. His victims were at the point where they felt bad for thinking that he was sexually assaulting them regardless of where he went on their body.
Her medals should be revoked since she decided to use Nassars abilities to gain a competitive edge
In what world do you gain a “competitive edge” by being sexually assaulted? Her medals should not be revoked because she helped bring down the biggest sexual predator in sports history who happened to be associated with her Olympic gymnastics team. But nice try.
We get this stuff right out in the psychological air: if these girls could be taught to be silent, then they can be told to lie just as well, and move justice just as naively the other way.
They were not as silent as you make them out to be. Many of them, including Maroney, reported Nassar but were ignored, and he continued his predatory behavior as a result of this. We know for a fact that they are not lying, so that part of your comment holds no water in this particular situation.


This scandal has been well-documented and ample proof and evidence has been collected to suggest — and guarantee — that this is an asinine claim.

Im so confused y she let it happen hundreds of times…smh…thats a lot of times…

You can’t “let yourself” be molested. It’s literally impossible. She was forced to see Nassar, and he took advantage of that and molested her. The system that made this possible is what USA Gymnastics need to change to ensure that nothing along the lines of this scandal ever happens again.


-Asher Fair