Debunking all of the Aly Raisman criticism comments

Photo Credit: USA Today

WARNING: Parts of this article contain sensitive material and may be NSFW.

Two-time Olympian Aly Raisman is one of the more than 260 individuals who have accused disgraced former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University physician Larry Nassar of sexual assault.

Nassar, 54, was arrested in December of 2016 after roughly two decades of sexually assaulting his patients, many of whom female gymnasts, under the guise of medical treatment.

He was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison this past December on three child pornography charges before he was sentenced to between 40 and 175 years in state prison earlier this year in January on seven sexual assault charges.

Nassar’s third and final sentence was given to him earlier this year in February, and it was for between 40 and 125 years in state prison on three more sexual assault charged. He has since been taken to United States Penitentiary Tucson in Tucson, Arizona to serve his 60-year federal prison sentence.

It is typical that when someone reveals that they have been sexually assaulted, people are quick to blame the victim. This has also been the case after Raisman revealed that she was sexually assaulted by Nassar, and people have even used the fact that she took part in photo shoots for ESPN The Body Issue and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue against her.

People criticized Raisman when she revealed that she was sexually assaulted in November, when she took part in photo shoots for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 in February, and when she filed a lawsuit against the United States Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics in March.

These criticism comments, which I have attempted to debunk, were taken from various Facebook posts about Raisman and an ABC News video on YouTube. Some of them are grouped together because they are basically implying the same concepts.

Here are the comments.

You are loathsome

She is disgusting

Lmao what a stupid twatwaffle

This woman is a fool.

Because she has no brain…

Larry Nassar is loathsome and disgusting, not one, or any, of his victims. Raisman does not deserve condemnation for sexual assault that she was forced to endure at his hands, not even because she took part in these photo shoots. The way she has handled this situation shows that she is not a fool and does, in fact, have a brain.

Don’t forget to pack your thong leotards you disgraceful pig

Gymnasts wear leotards. They are part of their uniforms. Swimmers wear swimsuits. Race car drivers wear fire suits. How wearing her leotard makes her a disgraceful pig is beyond me.

Just another dumb slut.

Whore in every way possible.

Whores and Hypocrites.

Whores are a joke!

Raisman is not a whore or slut in any possible way. Google the definition of the words if they are so hard to understand. She is also not a hypocrite for taking part in these photo shoots. If you associate photo shoots and sexual assault, that is your problem, not hers. Her taking part in those photo shoots does not justify sexual assault. She took part in those photo shoots after she was sexually assaulted, so even if they did justify it, which they don’t, they would be completely irrelevant.

And yet she claims rape or violated. Many of them actually do secret enjoy it and wakes up a wild side

She claims sexual assault because she was sexually assaulted. That has nothing to do with the fact that she took part in these photo shoots. Claiming that she enjoyed being sexually assaulted is also ridiculous. You can’t “enjoy” being sexually assaulted.

Didn’t this bitch just accuse someone of sexual harassment

Assuming you mean Raisman, yes she did. Taking part in photo shoots does not give anyone the right to sexually assault someone. This is fact regardless of whether or not you feel this photo shoots are moral. Plus, even if it did, Nassar sexually assaulted her well before she took part in any of these photo shoots. In fact, Nassar emailed a USA Gymnastics official: “Really!?!?!?! Can’t they wait until they retire before they take their clothes off!” when Raisman took part in a photo shoot for ESPN The Body Issue in 2015.

Survivor my ass. I don’t remember seeing her name in a plane crash, build collapse or a multi story building fire. She put up with the touchy feely so she could make the team and get her gold medal and now she cries foul. It be little’s actual people that survived a real disaster that had their lives to gain, not some piece of shit medal

Raisman considering herself a survivor is actually a sign of class. Instead of playing the victim card, like many in today’s society do way too often (and like she could justifiably do given the fact that what happened to her happened to her), she is using her negative experience to help her bounce back stronger. The only one belittling anybody is you, who claim that she cannot possibly be a survivor of something devastating just because it does not fit your definition of a “real disaster”. Sexual assault is a disaster.

Can’t really blame Nassar now, can ya?

So because of the fact that Raisman took part in these photo shoots, which all took place after Nassar assaulted her, Nassar’s sexual assault is justified? That could not be further from the truth, even if the photo shoots had taken place before he did so.

What comes to mind first is she must be somewhat of a publicity whore. One can’t help but infer that all the time she spent whining to the various news outlets via interviews was nothing but a promotional tour for this SI spread. Or she may be in need of some serious psychiatric help.

Bullshit you whores just want attention

She literally hasn’t whined at all, and this is not about attention. It is about bringing down the worst sexual predator in sports history and holding accountable the institutions that enabled him for roughly two decades, and Raisman has been a key part of that length process. The fact that you see it as an attention-seeking scam shows that you do not fully understand the magnitude of what is going on and the ramifications that this scandal has had and will have.

for money 💴 in USA 🇺🇸 all about money 💴

As has been shown throughout the course of this scandal unfolding, it is not about the money. It is about justice and accountability.


This scandal has been well-documented and ample proof and evidence has been collected to suggest — and guarantee — that this is an asinine claim.

Dam didn’t your Daddy tell u if anyone mess with u to tell him,none of these girl told their parents,Bullshit!!!

Actually a lot of them did, and Raisman was one of them. She and her mother were told that everything was being taken care of when it actually wasn’t. If you’re going to call someone for BS, try calling it on the organizations and institutions that enabled Nassar, not his victims who did everything in their power to bring him down, which finally paid off recently.

This bitch knows right from wrong. She know she was being molested and fucked.

Raisman, like many others, questioned Nassar’s treatments. But they were told by Nassar among other USA Gymnastics officials that he was the absolute best at what he did, and he was able to gain their trust as a result of that. He was a master manipulator. His victims were at the point where they felt bad for thinking that he was sexually assaulting them.

Is it funny how all theses girl say the same thing,If only one one of said something,

By that logic, if more than one person had accused Nassar of sexual assault, it would have made it “funny”. Insinuating that Raisman accused him just because everyone else did so shows a lack of understanding of the situation as a whole. It is possible for more than one person to claim to be a victim of something without that invalidating anyone’s claims.


-Asher Fair