Golden State Warriors end 2017-2018 NBA regular season having never been ranked #1 in formulated power rankings

Photo Credit: NBA

Here we are heading into the 2017-2018 NBA playoffs and the Golden State Warriors have finished the regular season having never been ranked #1 via the new formulated power rankings.

At the end of the regular season, they had to settle for #8 in the power rankings, which is their lowest ranking since they were ranked #15 heading into the third week of the season.

Could this spell trouble for the Warriors moving forward as the playoffs begin, or will the defending champions finally jump to the top spot of these rankings for the first time at some point in the postseason?

Here are the Warriors’ power rankings so far this NBA season, week by week.

  • Preseason (non-formulated): 1st
  • Week 2: 20th
  • Week 3: 15th
  • Week 4: 4th
  • Week 5: 2nd
  • Week 6: 2nd
  • Week 7: 4th
  • Week 8: 4th
  • Week 9: 2nd
  • Week 10: 2nd
  • Week 11: 2nd
  • Week 12: 2nd
  • Week 13: 2nd
  • Week 14: 3rd
  • Week 15: 2nd
  • Week 16: 2nd
  • Week 17: 5th
  • Week 18: 4th
  • Week 19: 6th
  • Week 20: 2nd
  • Week 21: 2nd
  • Week 22: 5th
  • Week 23: 5th
  • Week 24: 7th
  • Week 25: 5th
  • Week 26: 6th
  • Final regular season: 8th

The Warriors’ stretch of not being ranked below #8 since the second week of the 2017-2018 NBA season came to an end, however, is very impressive. When, if ever, will they finally make the jump to the #1 spot this season? Will they win their second consecutive NBA championship and their third in the last four seasons?


-Asher Fair

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