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After I took on a new role as a contributor last February for FanSided’s Beyond the Flag, a website with a primary focus of motorsports, and was promoted to a new role as the site expert/editor last April, I stopped writing about racing on SportsPress.

Shortly thereafter, I began looking for websites that I could write about all sports for, but not including racing since I was already covering that on Beyond the Flag.

I spent two months at FlockU, a site that has since closed down, from May to July before making the transition to FanSided’s main website, where I wrote from August to October.

From November up until now, I have written the majority of my sports articles on Sportskeeda, so here is a link to Sportskeeda. I also spent some time as an editor there.

Be sure to check it out, as there are not many new sports articles on SportsPress given the fact that I am now writing for Sportskeeda. There is also a link to the site on the SportsPress home page.

The only regularly posted articles on SportsPress have been power rankings or something along those lines, and that will likely continue to the be the case. However, they may eventually shift to Sportskeeda as well.

All past sports articles are set to remain on SportsPress, however.

-Asher Fair