Marouane Fellaini’s future at Manchester United

Photo Credit: ESPNFC.COM

Marouane Fellaini’s future with Manchester United is up in the air after multiple teams have placed bids for the Belgian midfielder.

Since the arrival of manager Jose Mourinho, Fellaini hasn’t always been a favored midfielder, but has seen a fair amount of playing time because of constant midfield injuries. However, as the player gets older, the club will have a bigger intention to sell him on and bring in someone newer and fresher.

Fellaini, whose contract is up at the end of this season, is turning heads from teams like Beşiktaş and Valencia. Initially Manchester United were willing to take a £8 million bid for the player, but Beşiktaş aren’t willing to pay that much, and will opt to sign him on pre-contract in January.

There is a good chance Fellaini could also resign for the club next summer, and Jose isn’t completely closed to that idea either:

Fellaini truly has played great football recently, and had a fantastic game against Chelsea, which Mourinho noted above. While fans do give him a bad rep, he certainly lets his skill do the talking.

Fellaini had a rather average season in 2016, but is off to a strong start in the 2017 season. He has already had four goals in just eight appearances for the club, according to Fox Sports. Fellaini, however, is a holding midfielder by heart, and his aggressive, defensive style play makes him more versatile.

It is more than likely that Fellaini will end up in somewhere other than Manchester United by next season. The team should focus on the midfielders that are coming out of the academy, with the likes of Angel Gomes and Scott McTominay being likely replacements.