Why protesting the United States national anthem makes absolutely no sense

Photo Credit: The New Yorker

The one thing that still makes no sense about these United States national anthem protests…is why are they United States national anthem protests if they truly mean what the protesters say they mean, including fighting things like racial inequality and social injustice?

If these protesters truly believe in what they are protesting for, by all means they should continue their protests. But there is absolutely no reason for those protests to take place during the national anthem and thus include unbelievable amounts of disrespect toward the people who fought and died to give them the right to not only have a voice but to live the kinds of lives they are living as NFL players and millionaires. There is no reason whatsoever for these protests to be taking place during the national anthem.

These players have time on their hands. If they truly cared about the issues which they believe they are trying to combat, they would set aside time to go out and do something about the issues they feel that they and others are threatened by. Some of them already, which is great. But even at that point…especially at that point…why kneel during a song?

Kneeling for the national anthem will never have the same effect as actually going out and making a difference, and it’s certainly not the way to win over the people who these players believe make up the roots of these issues. Kneeling for the national anthem literally changes nothing. Not only does it help anything in any way, shape or form, but it is also extremely disrespectful. It truly makes no sense…unless, of course, the protesters are only out for attention. But that’s a whole other story, one I have already covered.


-Asher Fair