The NFL is demonstrating hypocrisy at its finest

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

One of the key things that has been brought to the forefront of the recent national anthem protesters by NFL players is the NFL’s hypocrisy in dealing with the situation. They say this is about the players’ “Freedom of Speech” as guaranteed to them by their First Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution. That is a flat-out lie and here’s why.

The same NFL that threatens players so that they will not wear anything as a tribute to fallen police officers, the same NFL that threatens players so that they will not wear 9/11 tribute cleats, and the same NFL that penalizes and fines players tens of thousands of dollars for dancing in the end zone refuses to do anything about players and other team staff disrespecting the United States flag during the national anthem.

This whole “Freedom of Speech” argument means one thing: freedom of speech only when it suits a particular agenda.

Also, when Tim Tebow knelt in prayer on the sideline during his NFL career, he was not publicly praised. Instead, he was publicly scorned despite the fact that his religion is between him and God, and that holds true whether you’re a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or an atheist. It has absolutely no disrespectful connotation to it whatsoever no matter who you are.

Kneeling for the national anthem on the other hand? That has a very disrespectful connotation. In this case, we have a bunch of millionaires who refuse to stand for the anthem because they feel like they have been “attacked”.

Never mind the fact that there are thousands of truly patriotic Americans fighting overseas who are actually attacked every single day fighting so that the same flag that they are disrespecting can still fly. Obviously, based on their protest, these millionaires who make a living playing a game would rather ditch their “oppression” for that other life, am I right?

The NFL seems to be conveniently ignoring some of the more important things in regard to this issue.


-Asher Fair