Blaming President Donald Trump for the NFL national anthem protests is blasphemous

Photo Credit: NBC News

NFL national anthem protests have really ramped up lately. But do the players protesting even know what they are protesting for? It doesn’t look like it seeing as how someone they believe President Donald Trump is at fault despite the fact that these protests began last August.

These athletes who kneel really want to blame Donald Trump for this mess? These protests began last preseason and have not stopped since. This season’s protests are simply a continuation of last year’s protests. If we’re going to resort to blaming a president for these protests, at least blame the correct one. You know, the one under whom racial tensions escalated…but I won’t get into that. I will say, however, that racial tensions seem to be the root of the problems that these players say they are trying to combat.

Yep, Barack Obama was president when Colin Kaepernick was the first NFL player to refuse to stand up for the national anthem last season. How many people did you see blaming him for the issues Kaepernick was supposedly against when he started protesting last August?

Here are some numbers. Donald Trump was president for a total of 0 regular season games last season. Barack Obama was president for all 256 of them. Obama was president for the first eight playoff games as well, with Trump in office for the final three. Somehow, these protests are Trump’s fault.

The truth is, Trump is scapegoat, and that fact could not be more blatantly obvious than it is here. He has been the U.S. president for all of three full weeks of NFL games, yet gets blamed for the recent protests that are simply a continuation of protests that began over a year ago just because he spoke out against the players by using a curse word that most people criticizing him have probably used many times throughout their lives.

Give me a break.


-Asher Fair