Are people protesting the national anthem because it’s ‘trendy’?

Photo Credit: ABC News

On August, 26th, 2016, Colin Kaepernick began his United States national anthem by remaining on the bench before the San Francisco 49ers’ preseason game against the Green Bay Patrick.

Slowly but surely, other players began to join in his protest. Could that have been a result direct of their lack of ability to think for themselves and their desire for attention? It very well could have been,  no doubt.

Kaepernick’s jersey sales soared after he refused to stand, and it was at that point when many other players joined in. Without Kaepernick refusing to stand first, would this even be a topic of discussion today? Would anyone else have even considered refusing to stand had Kaepernick not done it first?

And now, kids who truly don’t know anything about anything when it comes to the military and what it means to live in America are now kneeling or sitting during the national anthem and even the Pledge of Allegiance at schools. Is there any reason to believe that they are not doing it because it’s “trendy” and “cool” and it’s the only way by which they can get the attention they so desperately desire because it’s what their heroes and role models do?

Maybe if they knew what a real hero is, this would not be an issue. Maybe if their heroes actually showed some respect for the real heroes, this would not be an issue.


-Asher Fair