SportsPress Suspending Operations

Photo Credit: SportsPress

After over one year of a successful delivery of tons of news, opinion and analysis-based articles from all kinds of different sports, SportsPress is suspending all operations.

The one exception to this may be basic list power rankings for different sports depending on how things go elsewhere in my other writing roles and if that’s even allowed given those roles. I cannot confirm if these rankings would be posted on a consistent basis or not for any league, specifically MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball, the sports I have done regular power rankings for in the past.

Right now, my focus is on motorsports content as the site expert and editor at Beyond the Flag. I also wrote sports articles for FlockU for two months before they closed up shop, and I have just started writing sports articles for FanSided, so SportsPress will officially not continue as a full-time sports website. It hasn’t really been a full-time sports website for several months now, but with my recent added role at FanSided, I have decided to make that official.

All past SportsPress articles will, however, remain on the site.



Asher Fair