McGregor prevails in Instagram beef with Draymond Green

Photo Credit: USA Today’s FTW

The stakes are high for Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather with their much hyped-up fight coming at the end of next month. So when Golden State Warriors’ All-Star power forward and Defensive Player of the Year award winner Draymond Green tried to call out McGregor on Instagram for rocking a #23 Warriors jersey, the number Green wears, McGregor showed no mercy, and things got ugly very quickly.


Green replied later with a comment not featured on the image above.


In an insult-based Internet debate, it’s rare that someone actually wins, because anyone can call anyone anything and get away with it, and it doesn’t usually stop for a long, long time. But while McGregor’s primary focus was dropping f-bombs and cursing out Green, he still managed to win for one simple reason: he exposed Green as a bandwagon fan of his own team.

Based on Green’s initial comment, it appeared as though he thought McGregor was wearing his #23 jersey, as he took offense to him wearing it, which would undoubtedly not be the case for a jersey Green did not think was his. However, the Warriors haven’t worn those jerseys as their primary jerseys since the 2009-2010 season.

But Green was drafted in the second round of the 2012 NBA Draft. So not only did he fail to realize that the jersey wasn’t his; he also failed to realize that another player in the era of those old jerseys worse his number. The #23 jersey really belonged to CJ Watson, whose final season with the Warriors was the team’s final season in those jerseys.

McGregor was reportedly wearing the Watson jersey to troll Mayweather, who Green is evidently rooting for in the upcoming fight, because of his history with Watson, and Green decided to butt in where he didn’t belong. It’s safe to say that it backfired. And while in any ordinary Internet debate both McGregor and Green would have looked like clueless idiots, McGregor looked like a genius and made Green look like a child who doesn’t know anything about the history of the team he plays for. Who knew that some of the Warriors’ bandwagon fans actually play for the team?


-Asher Fair