It’s Time To Stop Defending Ezekiel Elliott

Photo Credit: The Comeback

Everyone knows that there are people out there in this cruel world that make up stories about celebrities abusing them so they can collect an unearned paycheck. So when Dallas Cowboys’ star running back Ezekiel Elliott was accused of domestic assault last summer, many people, myself included, didn’t simply go along with the narrative that his accuser presented because of the nature of the accusations and because witnesses denied her story.

But it has not been an easy road for Elliott. Before the accusations, people were on his case about wearing a crop top to the NFL draft, claiming such an outfit was disrespectful and undermined the integrity of the league, its draft and what it all represents. They also jumped on his case when he hopped into a large Salvation Army kettle after scoring a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while ignoring the fact that he donated to the SA after the game.

That’s just skimming the surface. And let’s be honest. Who better for haters to hate on? Here’s a star running back getting all the publicity in the world coming out of the infamous Ohio State University and playing for “America’s (most hated) Team”. While I am a fan of the Washington Redskins, I backed Elliott all season long because some of the hate he got was ridiculous and uncalled for.

But recently, Elliott found himself in legitimate legal trouble once more thanks to a late night bar altercation. Seeing as how Elliott himself began bracing for suspension before this new trouble arose thanks to last year’s domestic violence allegations, it made things worse when it was announced that this altercation had taken place. He’s a grown adult as well as a professional athlete and should know better than to put himself in bad situations.

Well, the only suspension issued so far was the suspension of the investigation of his bar incident thanks to the fact that the victim “couldn’t be found” and witnesses were not cooperating. How ridiculous is that?

Naturally, Cowboys fans don’t want anything to happen to Elliott from a legal perspective. The Cowboys are known for having players get in trouble with the law, and there are plenty of players they don’t defend. But they want their star running back to line up and carry the load behind their star-studded offensive line to help deliver the team its sixth Super Bowl victory. They can’t afford to lose him, so their concern isn’t what he has done, rather what will happen to him because of it. It will be a challenge to convince these fans to stop defending the guy, especially since nothing has been proven one way or another.

But for the non-Cowboys fans who have been on his side or backed up him until now, it is time to stop. The bad scenarios themselves are piling up and the circumstances surrounding them are quite interesting to say the least. While there are plenty of you who hate him to begin with, being a Redskins fan and defending him myself, I can guarantee there are millions more out there that have defended him up until now. The time to stop is now.


-Asher Fair