Derek Carr Takes Jab at NFL Referees

Photo Credit: Raiders Central

Anyone who knows anything about or follows Oakland Raiders’ Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Carr knows that off of the football field, he is one of the most genuinely great men that the NFL has to offer. But when it comes to talking to the media, he takes no prisoners and speaks his mind, especially when it comes to talking about his teammates.

Carr recently spoke with the media and offered up his prediction on how many sacks Raiders’ defensive end and defending Defensive Player of the Year award winner Khalil Mack would have this upcoming season. Prior to last season, the season when the Raiders truly “arrived” with a 12-4 season that may have featured them in the Super Bowl if not for Carr’s late-season injury, he predicted that Mack would bring down opposing quarterbacks 30 times, shattering the all-time record.

Despite Mack only recording 11 sacks last season and still winning the DPOY award, one year later, nothing has changed from Carr’s perspective.

“I’m sticking with my 30 number. Because we know this is going to blow up, I’m gonna say 30.”

Well, he was right about one thing. His prediction has blown up the internet. Maybe he’ll be right about the 30 sack part too this time.

But while Mack is more along the lines of a monster than just a great player, as his DPOY award shows, 30 sacks is still insane, even for him. The all-time single season record for sacks is 22.5, which was set by Michael Strahan, one of the all-time greatest defenders, so Mack would have to put up the current record (22.5) and add another one-third (7.5) of it to reach 30. In three seasons, Mack has only 30 career sacks, with his career-high in that category being 15 in the 2015 season. While he is a stud, 30 sacks is ridiculous in a 16-game span.

But Carr didn’t stop there. He elaborated on why he made such a bold prediction, essentially explaining why it isn’t as bold as any sane human would think, and why he could very well be correct, even if he isn’t.

 “That’s if he doesn’t get held … if they [referees] start calling the holdings, if they start calling them like they should — I’m saying 30.”

In other words, if you want to prove me wrong about my teammate, maybe the NFL officials should start doing their job correctly. Gotta love it; he effectively made it impossible for anyone to disprove him unless the refs drastically change from last season, which we know will not happen. Unfortunately for him, Roger Goodell may have the last say on this issue by way of a fine. Not that the $125 million man will care.


-Asher Fair