Politics and sports don’t mix

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

If there are two common subjects that go together like oil and water yet are mixed together by tons of people all the time, they are politics and sports. People tend to make a big deal out of political “issues” just because they relate to athletes and their opinions. But just how much of a big deal do the people who make these “issues” out to be big deals even think these “issues” are? In other words, do they even believe themselves when they are making a fuss about this type of stuff?

So you’re telling me if you’re a diehard New England Patriots fan up in liberal Massachusetts, you’d turn your back on your beloved two-time MVP and five-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady just because he is friends with Donald Trump? Does that have anything to do with the game Brady actually plays? Will that affect the number of rings he wins for your team?

No, no and no. But they still made a big deal about.

Conversely, if you’re a diehard Miami Dolphins fan in conservative Florida, would you start rooting for the rival Patriots just because one of their players voted for the same guy you did?


If you’re a diehard Chicago Cubs fan in liberal Illinois, you’d turn your back on former Cy Young award winner Jake Arrieta just because of this pro-Trump Tweet?


You guessed it. No. But a big deal about it was still made. Sigh.

Conversely, if you’re a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan in conservative Missouri, would you start rooting for the rival Cubs just because one of their pitchers supports the guy you voted for?


How about Colin Kaepernick? Would a diehard San Francisco 49ers’ fan turn their back on the player who made the team relevant for pretty much the first time in this millennium just because he chose to kneel for the National Anthem for a time?

While Kaepernick was actually playing for the 49ers, that answer was also no. But while it’s no, you can bet that there were millions of heated social media posts about it.

Conversely, would a diehard Seattle Seahawks’ fan become a 49ers’ fan just because they support the issues that Kaepernick is bringing to the forefront?

Are you kidding me?

And lastly, how about LeBron James? Would a diehard Cleveland Cavaliers’ fan in conservative Ohio turn their back on the player that delivered the city its first major sports championship just because he endorsed Hillary Clinton?

Need I even answer that question? People still made a big deal about it, though. 

Conversely, would a diehard Golden State Warriors’ fan in liberal California bandwagon to the Cavaliers just because they like LeBron’s political stances?


Based on peoples’ reactions to some of these “issues”, you’d think that they were actually letting the opinions and free speech of these athletes affect how they root for them. You’ll see threats of boycotts and protests, but you won’t see anything that actually affects how the NFL or MLB or anything is run as a business. They’re not going bankrupt anytime soon.

People want to mix politics and sports and have these heated debates that go on and on about athletes having opinions that fans do or don’t agree with. But for what purpose? Nothing political is going to drastically change anyone’s true opinion about a player or a team they have admired or despised for years.

Need extra proof? The next time you see a Dolphins fan wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, go ask him/her if he/she started rooting for Brady and the Patriots since last November. Let me be the first to tell you what that answer will unsurprisingly be.



-Asher Fair