Early 2017 MLB Playoff Predictions

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (featured image), ESPN (team logos)


2017 MLB Playoff Predictions



  1. i-4 Washington Nationals, NL East Champion
  2. i-2 Los Angeles Dodgers, NL West Champion
  3. i-10 Chicago Cubs, NL Central Champion
  4. i-3 Colorado Rockies, NL West (Wild Card #1)
  5. i-32 Arizona Diamondbacks, NL West (Wild Card #2)



National League Wild Card Game

i-32 #5 Arizona Diamondbacks @ i-3 #4 Colorado Rockies 

Series: i-3 Rockies win, 1-0 (best of 1 series)



National League Division Series

i-3 #4 Colorado Rockies @ i-4 #1 Washington Nationals

Series: i-4 Nationals win, 3-1 (best of 5 series)


i-10 #3 Chicago Cubs @ i-2 #2 Los Angeles Dodgers  (best of 5 series, Nationals win 3-2)

Series: i-10 Cubs win, 3-2 (best of 5 series)



National League Championship Series

i-10 #3 Chicago Cubs @ i-4 #1 Washington Nationals

Series: i-4 Nationals win, 4-2 (best of 7 series)





  1. i-28 Houston Astros, AL West Champion
  2. i-14 New York Yankees, AL East Champion
  3. i-20 Cleveland Indians, AL Central Champion
  4. i-15 Boston Red Sox, AL East (Wild Card #1)
  5. i-18 Toronto Blue Jays, AL East (Wild Card #2)



American League Wild Card Game

i-18 #5 Toronto Blue Jays @ i-15 #4 Boston Red Sox

Series: i-15 Red Sox win, 1-0 (best of 1 series)



American League Division Series

i-20 #3 Cleveland Indians @ i-14 #2 New York Yankees

Series: i-20 Indians win, 3-2 (best of 5 series)


 i-15 #4 Boston Red Sox @ i-28 #1 Houston Astros

Series: i-28 Astros win 3-1 (best of 5 series)



American League Championship Series

i-20 #3 Cleveland Indians @ i-28 #1 Houston Astros

Series: i-28 Astros win, 4-2 (best of 7 series)




2017 World Series

i-4 #1 Washington Nationals @ i-28 #1 Houston Astros

Series: i-28 Astros win, 4-3




2017 World Series Champion

i-28 Houston Astros



-Asher Fair


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