2017 NBA Draft Lottery Odds

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report (featured image), ESPN (team logos)

With the NBA Draft lottery and NBA draft coming up, here are the odds for each of the 14 lottery teams to land at each position in the top 14.

This Year’s Seeding:

Note that there are scenarios in which other teams can receive some of these picks depending on where teams land.

  1. i-2 Brooklyn Nets (20-62) — pick would belong to i-14 Boston Celtics (53-29)
  2. i-8 Phoenix Suns (24-58)
  3. i-5 Los Angeles Lakers (26-56)
  4. i Philadelphia 76ers (28-54)
  5. i-10 Orlando Magic (29-53)
  6. i-12 Minnesota Timberwolves (31-51)
  7. i-18 New York Knicks (31-51)
  8. i-7 Sacramento Kings (32-50)
  9. i-3 Dallas Mavericks (33-49)
  10. i-2 New Orleans Pelicans (34-48) — pick would belong to i-7 Sacramento Kings (32-50)
  11. i-20 Charlotte Hornets (36-46)
  12. i-27 Detroit Pistons (37-45)
  13. i-10 Denver Nuggets (40-42)
  14. i-12 Miami Heat (41-41)


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Note: Where there are zeroes, this does not mean that team cannot get that pick. It means the likelihood of it happening is next to nothing.


-Asher Fair