SportsPress Huge Change: Step One Done, What’s Next?

Photo Credit: SportsPress

Announced a couple of months ago was the fact that SportsPress would no longer be providing any kind of motor racing content to its viewers. While this was not huge news, it was the first small step in a process that currently looks to be picking up speed, and one which we hope will be completed relatively soon.

As you may have noticed, only I have posted on SportsPress over the past two months; no other writers. I was accepted at Beyond the Flag of FanSided as a contributor and have since been promoted to a co-expert of the site, which is the reason that motor racing could no longer be covered on SportsPress. Upon hearing this news, many of SportsPress’ other writers decided to apply to various FanSided sites as well, and that left only me at SportsPress covering a whole bunch of sports in addition to my posting at Beyond the Flag.

As stated above, I was just promoted to co-expert (IndyCar expert) at Beyond the Flag, so that will need to take up much of my time. While you should definitely expect to see close to 100 or more posts on SportsPress per month until further notice, the feature-length, in-depth pieces that SportsPress has been known for may very well be things of the past.

That is not all, however. I still have aspirations to join the main FanSided site itself as a contributor, and maybe even an expert eventually. Being accepted there as a contributor would mean, in all likelihood, that the content published on SportsPress would come to an end, aside of, of course, the occasional rankings here and there of sports that I would not be currently writing about on FanSided.

At some point, due to the change that has already taken place and the fact that the next change will hopefully take place within the next few weeks, the Instagram will be changing to a journalism account for myself, and I would be willing to feature my articles as well as articles from other past SportsPress writers on their respective sites. In this case, you would actually be getting better and more polished content from more people, but less of it and without the SportsPress name attached.

I hope this all works out and this entire process, or what is still left of it on my planner, can take place within the next few weeks or so. This is a change that many people, both writers and followers, have been anticipating for the past few months, so I am hoping and praying for the best possible outcomes on many fronts.

In the near future, I do also plan to release a list of sites containing the location of the new writing of our past writers on their various new sites, as I do plan on featuring their hard work on the updated Instagram page. I am excited for this change, and you should be as well.


Thanks a lot,

Asher Fair, SportsPress Owner