2017 NHL Playoff Bracket

Photo Credit: USA Today (featured image), ESPN (29 team logos), Sports Illustrated (Maple Leafs logo)



i-7 (M1) Washington Capitals vs. maple_leafs_150.png (WC2) Toronto Maple Leafs

i-8 (M2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. i-12 (M3) Columbus Blue Jackets


i-1 (A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. i-9 (WC1) New York Rangers 

i-3 (A2) Ottawa Senators vs. i (W2) Boston Bruins




i-26 (C1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. i-21 (WC2) Nashville Predators

i-23 (C2) Minnesota Wild vs. i-16 (C3) St. Louis Blues


i-20 (P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. i-18 (WC1) Calgary Flames

i-24 (P2) Edmonton Oilers vs. i-19 (P3) San Jose Sharks



-Asher Fair


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