Should the White Sox Sign Matt Wieters?

Photo Credit: Mets360

Former Baltimore Orioles’ catcher Matt Wieters is still job-hunting as of today. The switch-hitting catcher has made great contributions to the Orioles over the last few years, and like many other power hitters, expects more money this offseason. In his 8 seasons with the Baltimore organization, he posted a .739 OPS, a .256 batting average, and 117 home runs. While he has had a few injury-filled seasons, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he could be the next big bargain signing for a team.

If you asked me a week or two ago if the Chicago White Sox should sign Wieters, I would have said no way. If he is was expecting a multi-year deal for over $45 million, it would not make much sense for the White Sox to bring him in. Zack Collins, the 1st round pick from the 2016 MLB player draft, is, in the eyes of many, the future at the catcher position for the White Sox. If his bat is as good as it was in college, then it will not take him long to come up to the big leagues. The White Sox also have Geovany Soto and the young Omar Narvaez on the roster at catcher.

However, the situation has changed. Wieters knows that with Spring Training starting next week, time is running out. The adjustments that a catcher must make with a particular pitching staff could take too long to work out if he would be signed any later. This means that the White Sox could get a great hitter at one of their weakest positions as a bridge player for Collins to come later. A signing of Collins would show whether or not the White Sox are trying to win 90 or 95 games. Wieters would not make that big of difference, but it would show the mindset that the organization has.

Matt Wieters will be signed soon. With his potentially cheap contract, he could help a contender or be trade bait for a team in need of prospects. It is definitely something for White Sox fans to keep an eye on as the pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training this Tuesday.