Yankees Sign Slugger Chris Carter 

Photo Credit: MLB

Former Milwaukee Brewers’ first baseman Chris Carter was considering moving to Japan to play baseball last month, but today he was finally signed by the New York Yankees.

Carter is 30 years old and has been said to be extremely one-dimensional. His fielding and base running have certainly declined over the years, however his bat is as good as gold. In 2016, Carter lead the National League in home runs with 41. He also posted a .321 on-base percentage.

It is very interesting that sluggers have been waiting all winter for new contracts. Front offices are leaning more and more toward statistical signings and getting all around players as opposed to signing strictly power hitters like Carter, who tend to strike out more than the average player. For this reason, the Yankees getting Carter on a 1-year $3 million contract can easily be explained.

The Brewers knew they couldn’t give the aging Carter the money he wanted, which was rumored to be upwards of $8 million. That would have made him one of the highest paid players in the organization. They also faced the struggle of a potential arbitration hearing. Over the years, the arbitrators have leaned towards statistics, and those do not favor the club. This made Carter impossible to keep, and clubs all over baseball were dealing with a similar situations, which over-flooded the market with older players who are capable of hitting and need work. Do not be surprised to see more power hitters picked up as the rosters expand to 40 players for Spring Training.