How the Carolina Panthers Can Still Make It Into the Postseason

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

Currently sitting in last place in the NFC South division with a disappointing 6-8 record, the Carolina Panthers have the toughest road to clinching a playoff berth out of any team still mathematically eligible to advance to the postseason. However, the defending NFC champions can still somehow get into the postseason.

Here is a list of all nine things that MUST happen in order for the Panthers to get into the postseason.

  • i-25 Carolina Panthers (6-8) over i-27 Atlanta Falcons (9-5), Week 16
  • i-20 Minnesota Vikings (7-7) over i-21 Green Bay Packers (8-6), Week 16
  • i-26 New Orleans Saints (6-8) over i-24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6), Week 16
  • i-23 Chicago Bears (3-11) over or tied with i-16 Washington Redskins (7-6-1), Week 16
  • i-25 Carolina Panthers (6-8) over i-24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6), Week 17
  • i-27 Atlanta Falcons (9-5) over i-26 New Orleans Saints (6-8), Week 17
  • i-18 New York Giants (10-5) over or tied with (whichever does NOT happen in the Bears-Redskins game) i-16 Washington Redskins (7-6-1)
  • i-22 Detroit Lions (9-5) over i-21 Green Bay Packers (8-6)
  • i-23 Chicago Bears (3-11) over i-20 Minnesota Vikings (7-7)


Should all of this happen, there would be a 5-way tie for the final NFC wild card spot, the #6 seed, between the Panthers (8-8), the Buccaneers (8-8), the Vikings (8-8), the Packers (8-8), and the Redskins (7-7-2).

The Panthers would initially win the divisional tiebreaker to eliminate the Buccaneers based on best win percentage in conference games. The Vikings would initially win the divisional tiebreaker to eliminate the Packers based on head-to-head win percentage. The Panthers would then win the tiebreaker over the Vikings and the Redskins based on best win percentage in conference games.

All of this happening would make the Panthers playoff-bound for the fourth consecutive season. The chances that all of these things happen are extremely small, however.


-Asher Fair

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