Should the Chicago Bears Draft a Quarterback?

Photo Credit: Keeping it Heel (featured image), CBS Sports (team logos)

As the Chicago Bears prepare for their game on Saturday against the Washington Redskins, they sit at 3-11 on the season and in last place in the NFC North division. The Bears have 18 players on Injured Reserve and 15 of them are starters on both sides of the ball. As the season comes to a close, there is only one thing fans have on their minds. Let’s draft a quarterback.

With the official draft order still to come, it is hard to say whether or not the Bears will do so. The Bears were last projected to have the 4th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. With that pick, many would like to see the Bears draft a quarterback.  This would end the 8-year run Jay Cutler had with the team and either turn the starting job over to Matt Barkley, Brian Hoyer, or to this new unknown rookie. If the Bears do draft a quarterback, I would like to see one of these two players get their name called.


clem Deshaun Watson, Clemson Tigers

People speak very highly of Deshaun Watson of Clemson, and for good reason. He is preparing for his 2nd consecutive College Football Playoff appearance against the Ohio State Buckeyes. A few weeks ago, he was in New York for his 2nd consecutive trip to the Heisman Trophy Ceremony.  He stands 6’2″ and weighs about 209 pounds. He has good size and reminds me of a smaller Cam Newton.  A lot of the better quarterbacks we have seen in just the last couple years who have gotten picked and played well have played in big games in college. Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston both played in the first College Football Playoff, and both played in a national championship game. Carson Wentz played in the FCS National championship game in his time at North Dakota State as well. Watson is that kind of player. He has played in some big games and can probably handle the preparation and pressure of the moment better than most rookies.

This season he threw for 3,914 yards and 37 touchdowns. He had 15 interceptions and led the Clemson Tigers to yet another ACC Championship. The Tigers’ next game is on New Year’s Eve against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the semifinal of the College Football Playoff.


unc Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina Tar Heels

Many NFL fans probably have never heard of Mitch Trubisky. He has been a backup most of his college career and got his chance to take over as the starter in 2016. The Tar Heels went 9-3 and picked up big wins against the Florida State Seminoles and the Pittsburgh Panthers. Standing at 6’3″ and weighing roughly 220 pounds, he is just a tad bigger than Deshaun Watson. People like his ability to read coverages and change plays at the line of scrimmage since a lot of time in college it is the coaches who audible. Also, he has a big arm and with targets like wide receiver Ryan Switzer, he was able to generate big plays downfield. While Trubisky does not have the awards or postseason wins like Watson does, there is no doubt that he can play. Many are calling him the most NFL-ready quarterback in this year’s draft class, and he is the quarterback I would like to see the Bears take if they select one in the first round.

This was a breakout year for Trubisky, throwing for 3,468 yards and 28 touchdowns. He only threw 4 interceptions and helped lead the Tar Heels to another bowl game. You can see Trubisky and the Tar Heels take on the Stanford Cardinal on Friday, December 30th, at 2:00 PM EST on CBS.


Still, weeks remain in the NFL season so the draft order is bound to change. However, the Bears still need a spark around the franchise. There is no better way to do that than to go after a franchise quarterback in the NFL Draft.

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