Konrad Reuland Dies

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

Former San Francisco 49ers’, New York Jets’, Indianapolis Colts’, and Baltimore Ravens’ tight end Konrad Reuland has passed away at the young age of 29 years old as a result of a brain aneurysm he suffered towards the end of November.

Reuland played in the NFL on an active roster for 2 seasons, both with the Jets. Over his 2-year NFL career, Reuland played in 26 games and caught 12 passes for 90 receiving yards. His career-highs for a single NFL season were 16 games played (2012), 11 receptions (2013), and 83 receiving yards (2012).

Our thoughts and prayers are with Konrad’s friends, family, and fans as they go through these rough times of trial during the Christmas season because of Konrad’s death.


-Asher Fair