Klay Thompson’s Historic Performance

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

In the Golden State Warriors’ 142-106 victory at home against the Indiana Pacers on Monday night, Warriors’ shooting guard Klay Thompson put together a performance for the ages.

Thompson set a new career high in points with 60. He shot 21 for 33 from the field, including 8 for 14 from 3-point range. His previous career high was 52 points, which happened two seasons ago in a game against the Sacramento Kings, a game during which Thompson scored 37 points in the third quarter, an NBA record.

Thompson’s 60 points in Monday night’s game came despite him not getting any playing time in the fourth quarter of the game. He only played for 29 minutes of the 48 minutes in the game, giving him an average of 2.07 points per minute played. To put that in perspective, Wilt Chamberlain, who played for 48 minutes in his record-breaking 100-point game in 1962,  averaged 2.08 points per minute played that game. Had Thompson played in the full game on Monday night, who knows what he might have accomplished?

Thompson also broke the all-time NBA record for most points scored in fewer than 30 minutes of an NBA game. No player had ever scored 60 points while playing for under 30 minutes in an NBA game in NBA history prior to Thompson’s performance. The previous record for points scored in a game during which a player played in for under 30 minutes was 43 points, which Larry Bird pulled off back in 1986.

Thompson’s 60-point performance was the first by any NBA player since Kobe Bryant did it in his final NBA game this past March. Thompson’s was the 66th 60-point performance in NBA history, and it was the 13th since 1994. His took the least amount of game time out of all of the 60-point performances in NBA history, making it truly a historic performance.


-Asher Fair

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