Yankees, Holliday Reach Contract Agreement

Photo Credit: cheapseatsplease.wordpress.com

The New York Yankees and left fielder Matt Holliday have reached a 1-year, $13 million contract agreement.

Holliday, 36, has been in the MLB for 13 seasons and has played for 3 different teams. This past season, he played in 110 games and bat .246 with 94 hits, 48 runs scored, 20 home runs, and 62 runs batted in. Over his 13-year MLB career, Holliday has played in 1,773 games and has a .303 batting average with 1,995 hits, 1,104 runs scored, 295 home runs, 1,153 runs batted in, and 107 stolen bases.

Holliday’s career highs for a single MLB season are a .340 batting average (2007 with the Colorado Rockies), 216 hits (2007 with the Rockies), 120 runs scored (2015 with the Tigers and the Mets), 36 home runs (2007 with the Rockies), 137 runs batted in (2007 with the Rockies), and 28 stolen bases (2008 with the Rockies).


-Asher Fair

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