MLB Changes All-Star Game Rules

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The idea of the MLB All-Star game playing an impact on something as big as the World Series made many baseball skeptics ask for change. It has become a recurring argument in the MLB today. It is safe to say the majority of the MLB fan base wanted the All-Star game to be more of an exhibition than something that will play a part in the most important series of each season.

The MLB has officially announced the All-Star game will no longer decide who gets home field advantage in the World Series. This has been a debate for a long time, and now the All-Star game is 100% exhibition.

This is a change that could affect the coming 2017 MLB postseason. Had they changed it earlier, the World Series could have been different. The Indians got home field advantage this season even though the Cubs had the better record. Ultimately, the Cubs won without home field advantage, so they likely would have still won it all. The difference is it would likely have been in Chicago on game 7, which would have been a much better way to break the Cubs’ 108-year World Series curse.

Ultimately, I think this is going to be good for the MLB. It takes the stress away from the All-Star game, which is supposed to be purely for fun and entertainment. It makes it easier for management to substitute backup players into the game because they are not worried about winning the game. Finally, the team that earns homefield advantage in the World Series will have earned it in a more fair way. It gives the advantage to the team that truly deserves it, not the team who made have had a few players on the winning team in an exhibition game. It is clear that this new rule makes significantly more sense than in the past.

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