Week 13 College Football Playoff Predictions: Who’s In?

Photo Credit: USA Today (featured image), CBS Sports (team logos)

These are the only 10 teams that I see that still have a legitimate chance at making it into this season’s College Football Playoff (CFP). I have included the remaining schedules for each of the teams as well as a prediction for each of their remaining games and who ultimately I believe will make it into the CFP. Each game’s prediction includes the team’s predicted record following the game as well as their predicted national ranking among these and only these 10 teams. When teams play games against other teams on this list of 10 teams, that matchup is listed in bold print. I have also included conference championship game predictions for the teams that I believe will advance to that point. The teams’ records and rankings following week 14 are the final predicted records and rankings prior to bowl season.

NOTE: I did add a team that have not been on the list the past few weeks that still has a small chance to get into the CFP if they win out.

  1. BAMA Alabama Crimson Tide (12-0)
    • Week 14 vs. fla Florida Gators (SEC Championship)
      • Prediction: Win (#1, 13-0)
  2. OHIOST Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1)
    • Week 14
      • Prediction: (#3, 11-1)
  3. CLEM Clemson Tigers (11-1)
    • Week 14 vs. vatech Virginia Tech Hokies (ACC Championship)
      • Prediction: Win (#2, 12-1)
  4. WASH Washington Huskies (11-1)
    • Week 14 vs. colo Colorado Buffaloes (Pac-12 Championship)
      • Prediction: Loss (#8, 11-2)
  5. MICH Michigan Wolverines (10-2)
    • Week 14
      • Prediction: (#5, 10-2)
  6. wiscWisconsin Badgers (10-2)
    • Week 14 vs. psu Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions (Big Ten Championship)
      • Prediction: Win (#4, 11-2)
  7. psu Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions (10-2)
    • Week 14 vs. wisc Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten Championship)
      • Prediction: Loss (#9, 10-3)
  8. colo Colorado Buffaloes (10-2)
    • Week 14 vs. WASH Washington Huskies (Pac-12 Championship)
      • Prediction: Win (#6, 11-2)
  9. okla Oklahoma Sooners (9-2)
    • Week 14 vs. okst Oklahoma State Cowboys (Unofficial Big XII Championship)
      • Prediction: Win (#7, 10-2)
  10. okst Oklahoma State Cowboys (9-2)
    • Week 14 @ okla Oklahoma Sooners (Unofficial Big XII Championship)
      • Prediction: Loss (#10, 9-3)
Projected College Football Playoff Matchups (as of Week 13)

BAMA #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0) vs. wisc #4 Wisconsin Badgers (11-2)

CLEM #2 Clemson Tigers (12-1) vs. OHIOST #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1) 


-Asher Fair


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