How the Denver Broncos Can Reach Super Bowl LII in 2018

Photo Credit: BSN Denver

It was not too long ago when the Denver Broncos pulled off the NFL’s latest version of a Super Bowl shocker. Despite being heavy underdogs against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, the Broncos’ historically good defense came through, beating the 15-1 Panthers by a final score of 24-10. Peyton Manning retired from the NFL, and as a result, the Broncos have Trevor Siemian as their starting quarterback. This was a surprise to many, as it was thought that the newest first round pick, Paxton Lynch, would get the nod. Since then, the Broncos have continued being really good, going 7-3 with a tough schedule. This has currently landed them with the 6th spot in SportsPress’s latest power rankings, which you can see HERE. This article will explain how the Broncos can reach not this season’s Super Bowl, but next season’s (in 2018). This article will not going to go into detail on how they could win this year’s championship. However, I do still think Super Bowl LI can still go back to the mile-high city. The point of this article is how to improve the roster even more to become a favorite next season.

The first thing they should accomplish is picking up Tony Romo, whether by trade or free agency. It is not like Trevor Siemian has been terrible, but he has not supplied the offensive power the team can potentially exploit. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas give the Broncos one of the more competitive wide receiver duos in the NFL. There is no reason why the Broncos cannot create one of the best passing attacks if they can add Romo to the roster. It would be a tremendous risk, and one I would be willing to take. If Romo ends up re-injuring himself, they have Trevor Sieman and Paxton Lynch there to tread water, so to speak, for the team until Romo can return.

Tony Romo is too old to lead a team to a Super Bowl? Maybe on a different team, but not in Denver. Let’s not forget the three Super Bowls the Broncos have won in their franchise’s history have been won by really old quarterbacks. Heck, two of them were led by quarterbacks who retired right after winning it (John Elway and Peyton Manning). I’m positive if they make this move, Gary Kubiak, being the impressive coach he is, will find a way to have Romo avoid injuries and do what needs to be done to win games every week. And, leading into the next point, the Denver Broncos could also potentially make the moves needed to keep him in the game. His injury chances will go remarkably down if they can keep him in the pocket and allow less sacks.

You guessed it: the next move the Broncos will need to make is shaping up their offensive line. the line in Denver is not bad at all, but there is room for improvement. If they can get an offensive line that is elite, they could actually put together a potent offense. They have 2 really solid power running backs in CJ Anderson and Devontae Booker. Giving them split playing times with an unstoppable line would provide less fatigue and increased success. This would also slow down sack numbers and forced scrambles. If they land Tony Romo, this could mean the difference between having a good quarterback and having an injured quarterback. Picking up linemen in free agency as well as investing in training camps to improve play would be a huge game changer for Denver.

Finally, the Broncos need to resign all defensive players on the team currently and leave the rest of the defense alone. Sure, if some top-tier defensive nightmare says they want to play for you (basically an NFL version of Kevin Durant going to Golden State), Denver can make a deal. But there is no reason to switch up the defense too much. Last year, the Broncos defense played at a historically good level. Some were even going as far as to say that it was best defense in the history of football. This season has not been too different. While they are no longer the absolute best, players such as Von Miller, Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, Derek Wolfe, etc., have kept this defense playing at a high level. If the same defensive roster comes back in 2017, they will be plenty good enough to keep teams from beating them.

Like I said, there is a definite possibility Denver repeats as Super Bowl Champions. While not probable, they have been ranked #1 in SportsPress’s power rankings and are still considered contenders this year. But if they can make the moves listed above, the Broncos can become one of the most elite teams ever, and can cruise to Super Bowl LII and win it all again. To conclude, the Denver Broncos are a team on the decline. They have peaked, winning the Super Bowl last season. They began to decline this season, but they can make the moves to turn the tides of time and keep this team at a championship level next season and beyond.

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