Percy Harvin Comes Out of Retirement, Re-Signs with Bills

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Veteran wide receiver Percy Harvin has announced that he has come out of retirement and has chosen to re-sign with the Buffalo Bills. According Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and sports agent Greg Barnett, his contract is worth $1 million over eight games with the Bills.

Before making his temporary retirement at the age of 27, Harvin played as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills. He was presented with AP Offensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2009 and was a stellar playmaker on offense and on special teams in his first three seasons with the Vikings. However, he was hit hard with the injury bug ever since. Although he had to overcome many challenges since the 2012 season, he did help put the dagger right into the heart of the Denver Broncos after his miraculous kickoff return that went to house for a touchdown to open the second half of Super Bowl XLVIII, which resulted in him sliding a shiny championship ring down his finger as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Not only was that Harvin’s first ring, but it was also Seattle’s first Super Bowl victory in franchise history as they defeated the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8.

Then, about halfway through the following season in 2014, Harvin was traded to the New York Jets due to his injury issues and his problem with fitting in the Seahawks’ offensive scheme. Despite his heroic play in the Super Bowl the season before, he was considered a bust of a free agent signing in the rest of his games with Seattle. Unfortunately for Harvin, the injury bug kept biting him as he was released by the New York Jets after the 2014 season. As the 2015 season commenced, he entered week 1 in a Buffalo Bills uniform, and during their season-opening matchup against the Indianapolis Colts, he took the cap off the Colts’ defense and made a diving catch in the end zone on a deep pass from quarterback Tyrod Taylor. After that, grievously, he did not produce any more true highlight-worthy plays for the team as his injury troubles kept piling on, which forced him to make the decision to retire in the middle of the 2015 season. He was in the middle of his seventh season in the NFL.

Now, it is official that Harvin will back with Buffalo for at least eight more games, and he is hoping that his year-long break gave his body just enough rest to continue to play football. He is also looking to give the struggling Bills’ passing game a boost since their star wide receiver Sammy Watkins was placed on Injured Reserve for likely the remainder of the 2016 season. Harvin has obviously gone through the toughest of times since 2012, so let’s see if the football gods can light him a spark as the team prepares for its big week 9 Monday night matchup against the team that he won his only Super Bowl with, the Seattle Seahawks.

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