Five Questions for Week 6

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1. Will Kaepernick earn his starting job back?

For the first time in a long time, Colin Kaepernick will be starting at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. If he does well, he could earn his starting job back. If not, he could be headed into a long career of sitting on the sidelines.

2. Can Dak Prescott end the Tony Romo era in Dallas?

Dak Prescott has looked amazing so far this year, but the Cowboys organization still claims that the Cowboys are Tony Romo’s team. Even with them saying this, I would assume that a win over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers would have to give Prescott the title of franchise quarterback.

3. Is Seattle a legitimate contender?

Obviously, the Seattle Seahawks are a good team considering the fact that they’re 3-1. But of the teams they’ve played, they’ve only played one team with more that one win and that team handed them a loss. If Seattle can beat a top team like the Atlanta Falcons this week, I’ll take them more seriously.

4. Will Cam Newton return to his 2015 MVP season form?

Cam Newton has not looked like his regular self this year. Injuries have gotten the best of him, but this week against a below average New Orleans Saints defense, he could redeem himself.

5. Can the Browns earn themselves their first win?

After a lot of hype heading into this season, the Cleveland Browns have yet again looked like the same old Cleveland Browns. If they want to get a win this season, this week against the Tennessee Titans may be their best shot.

-Marcus White