Transfer News, Stories, and Rumors

Photo Credit: The series returns! As we begin to edge closer to the January transfer window, more and more rumors are arising, as well as transfers that never happened. Did Bayern miss their chance at a superstar? The reigning German champions missed their chance to sign impressive youngster Ousmane Dembele, losing to rival club Borussia Dortmund. However, news is now surfacing that this may … Continue reading Transfer News, Stories, and Rumors

Recent NFL Cuts

Photo Credit : Justin Forsett, Running Back  The Baltimore Ravens have released Jusing Forsett again and it sounds like it’s for good this time. He established himself as the starter two years ago, but this year the competition with the other running backs was too much. Antonio Cromartie, Cornerback The Indianapolis Colts signed Cromartie to fill in for the injured Vontae Davis. Maybe they … Continue reading Recent NFL Cuts

Blue Jays Walk Off to the ALDS

Photo Credit: What could be more perfect than last season, when Toronto Blue Jays’ right fielder Jose Bautista hit a go-ahead 3-run home run against the Texas Rangers in Game 5 to clinch the ALDS? That’s right, another home run by the Blue Jays, but this time a walk-off home run in the AL Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles for the right to … Continue reading Blue Jays Walk Off to the ALDS

Strong 2016 Season for Rahal Proves 2015 Was No Fluke

Photo Credit: Beyond the Flag Anytime somebody from any sport who has been underperforming for an extended period of time breaks out of their slump in a big way, many people consider the possibility that their over-achievements are all simply a fluke. The same was the case for Graham Rahal, who finished 18th and 19th in the 2013 and 2014 Verizon IndyCar Series championship standings, … Continue reading Strong 2016 Season for Rahal Proves 2015 Was No Fluke

Is Scott Dixon’s Career REALLY on the Decline?

Photo Credit: Racing Junk In early August, just over two months ago actually, I published this article, which you can read HERE, about whether or not Scott Dixon’s career is on the decline, and I left it kind of open-ended seeing as how there were still four races left in this year’s championship. In this article, I will address each one of the points I made in … Continue reading Is Scott Dixon’s Career REALLY on the Decline?

October 5th MLB Power Rankings & Trends

Photo Credit: (featured image), CBS Sports (team logos) CLICK HERE FOR UPDATED MLB POWER RANKINGS & TRENDS! October 5th, 2016– Records, postseason records, and trends are indicated next to each team. The trends reflect movement from the previous power rankings. These power rankings are based on streaks, record over the past 10 games, overall record, and overall run differential. The combination of that is what allows there … Continue reading October 5th MLB Power Rankings & Trends