The Indiana Hoosiers Win Back the Old Brass Spittoon

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports (featured image), CBS Sports (team logos)

The Indiana Hoosiers said hello to the Old Brass Spittoon once again, getting it back after seven years of missing from the Indiana trophy case. The Hoosiers took down the Michigan State Spartans as kicker Griffin Oakes hit a game-winning field goal in overtime to make the score 24–21. The Indiana Hoosiers’ fans flooded the field at Memorial Stadium after the game to congratulate and celebrate with the team on their victory. I had the opportunity to talk to a few players on the field after the game and asked how it felt to upset the #17 team in the country, the Michigan State Spartans. Here’s what a few of the players told me:


ind Devonte Williams, Running Back:

Myself: How did beating Michigan State feel?

Devonte: It’s a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful feeling.


ind Chase Dutra, Safety:

Myself: What did it feel like beating Michigan State, and how do you think your play affected the game?

Chase D.: It was a great team effort, and it felt amazing. I haven’t had a win for a while so it was great. I feel like I’ve played a great game.


ind Griffin Oakes, K:

Myself: How did it feel do it feel to hit the game-winning field goal?

Griffin: It felt like the best Christmas gift ever… times 100.


ind Ryan Watercutter, Tight End:

Myself: How did winning feel?

Ryan:  Words can’t explain the feeling.


Obviously, the Hoosiers’ fans have something to be very happy about. They have a tough matchup coming up against the number two ranked Ohio State Buckeyes next weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Let’s see if the upsets can continue for the Hoosiers.