Will Malik Zaire Transfer?

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Once again, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team has a quarterback battle. Last year, it was between Everett Golson and Malik Zaire until Golson decided to transfer to Florida State. This year, the quarterback battle was between Deshone Kizer and Malik Zaire after Zaire fractured his ankle last year against Virginia and Kizer took over and did a fairly good job. The two battled throughout the summer, and coach Brian Kelly decided to split the time when they played their first game against Texas. Kizer ended up winning the starting spot, but they lost the game by a score of 50-47.

So Zaire remained on the bench and Kizer stayed as the starting quarterback. But Zaire obviously thinks he deserves the starting spot. It most likely angers him more considering Notre Dame has started this season with three losses out of their first four games. There seems to be no sign of Zaire starting even though Kizer has struggled so far this season. It’s not all of Kizer’s fault because the Notre Dame defense is atrocious. Anyways, Zaire has been sitting on the bench too long and he’s very annoyed. Isn’t it time for a player with a lot of talent to start actually playing? Yes, but maybe this player should not be trying to play for Notre Dame.

It is exactly what Golson did when he felt that he was in danger of losing his starting spot. Maybe Malik Zaire just needs to transfer from the University of Notre Dame. They have wasted his time for too long and he deserves better. So where could he possibly transfer? Well I’m glad you asked, handsome stranger. I think the best place that Zaire could transfer to is the Ohio State University.

Whoa, why Ohio State? Why not LSU or Oregon or somewhere else? Well I honestly feel like Ohio State is the best fit for Zaire. Their offense is similar to Notre Dame’s and I think he goes great with their playbook. J.T. Barrett will also be leaving Ohio State because he is a senior this year. So now you have an open spot at the quarterback position, and Zaire has more experience and a better shot at the starting spot than whoever he’ll be competing against. Zaire’s home state is also Ohio, which is a bonus for him. He also was considering going to Ohio State and actually almost went there, but chose Notre Dame instead.

It is clear that Ohio State is the best choice for Malik Zaire. He fits the offense, they have a great coach, and Ohio is his home state. Ohio State also has a very good football program and he’ll fit right in. But will Zaire actually transfer? We shall see.

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