Miami Heat Focus on Bosh


Miami Heat have been watching Chris Bosh as he went through a physical examination and a number of tests this week. He he still has not been cleared to play professional basketball once again. Before he arrived in Miami last weekend, he believed that the Heat would clear him to play.

Miami has become more receptive with the idea that Bosh would take blood thinners and play. The team must still feel comfortable with the results of Bosh’s medical tests this week before clearing him. Miami still won’t comment on Bosh or his condition. If he isn’t cleared, he is expected to look further into the issue with the NBA Players Association.

Bosh is due $76 million over the next three seasons. The only way he would not count against the Heat’s salary cap next summer is if he plays fewer than 10 games and is medically forced to retire. Bosh is eager to get back on the court as soon as possible. Bosh went out to find a doctor that cleared him to play again, but the Miami doctors disagreed with him. When the Heat first found the clot in his leg, the doctors informed him that he would probably never play another game.

It is unclear if Bosh will be able to play this season, but Miami still holds out hope. As for Miami fans, we wish Bosh the best with his health.

-Dylan Morales


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