Oakland Raiders: Week 3

Photo Credit:Bleacherreport.com

In the Oakland Raiders’ tough loss to the Atlanta Falcons, their offense seemed to shine, though they had a lack of defense. This offseason, the Raiders were able to acquire some big names and weaponsto improve the defense. When the Raiders played the New Orleans Saints, the defense didn’t have a good game, but didn’t have a terrible game. They did just enough to pull out a win. With the Raiders’ last loss, the AFC West is all tied up except for the Denver Broncos, who lead the divisn at 2-0.

The Raiders’ offense has played good in both games so far this season. They have shown that they can not only help the team to be a contender in the AFC West, but can also possibly compete with teams like the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. The only thing that the Raiders need to really work on is their defense.

With defense being the weak spot on the team, the Raiders really just need to stop giving up the 30-yard pass to a wide open receiver. It seemed that on every touchdown drive that the Falcons had started with a big play. It will be interesting to see how the Raider defense can perform against the Titans. Hopefully, the Raiders can pull this season together and make something good out of what can possibly be their last season in Oakland.

-Dylan Morales


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