Top Ten NFL Color Rush Uniforms

Photo Credit: USA Today (featured image), ESPN (team logos), Sports Illustrated (team jerseys)

NFL teams have revealed their color rush uniforms in my opinion they are all nice, and sleek-looking, but there are some that stand out more than others.

10. TB Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Buccaneers have pretty nice looking jerseys. My favorite part about the Buccaneers’ jersey is the all red with the steel silver accents.

9. BAL Baltimore Ravens– The Ravens have a very sleek jersey design. The gold numbers are the best part about the jersey in my opinion. The numbers are a good combination with the purple jersey.

8.CIN Cincinnati Bengals- It is odd to see the Bengals in colours other than black and orange. But with this year’s Color Rush jersey, they went for a new look with white jerseys. Personally, I like them better than the jerseys they usually wear.

7. STL Los Angeles Rams– I like the Rams’ uniform’s color and I find the uniforms to be very slick and nice looking, but in my opinion there’s just too much yellow and not enough Navy blue. I’m hoping that there is more Navy blue next year in their Color Rush jerseys.

6. SEA Seattle Seahawks– I enjoyed the neon on their jersey and I think it looks very nice. Next season, I am hoping for more blue accents, but besides that, there’s nothing to really critique about these jerseys.

5. JAC Jacksonville Jaguars– These jerseys have a lot of the color gold on them. I’m hoping maybe next year they’ll cut down on the gold on the uniform, but besides that, I like the way these uniforms look.

4. WAS Washington Redskins- Coming in at number four are the Washington Redskins’ jerseys. They will not be playing in these jerseys this year, but they still look nice. I’m hoping next year they will be able to show these jerseys off in a game.

3. SF San Francisco 49ers– I love the black on the San Francisco 49ers’ jerseys. The only thing that is bad about their jerseys is that their helmet does not match. I would enjoy a metallic black helmet on top of the jersey.

2. MIA Miami Dolphins–  As I said about the Seattle Seahawks, I like the neon on the Jersey. I didn’t think I’d like a neon orange jersey, but I think it suits the Dolphins nicely.

1. SD San Diego Chargers- Finally at number 1, I have the San Diego Chargers’ jerseys. These are my favorite jerseys because of the dark blue and gold. I think it suits the gold accents very nicely. Overall, I really like these jerseys, and I even like them better than the regular jerseys that the Chargers wear on game day.