Raiders Get Surprise Victory Over Saints: What We Learned

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The Oakland Raiders looked very positive with a couple of negatives when they played against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Here’s what we learned in the last second shocker

Head coach Jack Del Rio is not afraid to put the game on the line or in the hands of his superstars. Late in the 4th quarter, Jack Del Rio opted to go for the 2-point conversion to give Oakland the 1 point lead instead of tying the game on an extra point and sending it to overtime. Del Rio believed his offense had a better chance of scoring the 2 points than his defense had of stopping the Saints’ veteran quarterback Drew Brees. This gamble worked out for the Raiders, giving them their first season opener win in 5 years by way of a 35-34 victory.

The Raiders’ defense needs to step up big time. Of course, the Raiders did play against an elite offense, but to be as competitive as they can be this year, they will need a stronger defense. It seemed like every play, the Saints could get close to a first down. The Raiders’ defensive line wasn’t able to put Brees under enough pressure and the defensive backs couldn’t stick with their assignments.

The Raiders have multiple threats. They have done a great job building a team that can work together. They have added multiple weapons on offense that can be threats for not only big plays, but the ability to spread the defense and turn a little play into a big gain with a couple of misses from the opposing defense.

Overall, the Raiders should be able to hold up and have a solid year. Their only weakness (depending on injuries) will be their defense. If they can coach up the defense and stop getting called for unnecessary penalties, the Raiders might possibly have a real shot at winning the AFC West.

-Dylan Morales


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