Predicting the Oregon Ducks’ Football Season Schedule Results

Photo Credit: Oregon Live

UCDAV UC Davis @ OREG Oregon: Win

UVA Virginia @ OREG Oregon: Win

OREG Oregon @ NEB Nebraska: Loss

COLO Colorado @ OREG Oregon: Win

OREG Oregon @ WAST Washington State: Win

WASH Washington @ OREG Oregon: Win

OREG Oregon @ CAL California: Win

ARIZST Arizona State @ OREG Oregon: Win

OREG Oregon @ USC USC: Loss

STAN Stanford @ OREG Oregon: Loss

OREG Oregon @ UTAH Utah: Loss

OREG Oregon @ ORST Oregon State: Win


Overall Projected Record: 8-4

Projected Bowl Game: Texas Bowl

Top Freshmen to watch for: LaMar Winston Jr., LB, Brady Breeze, S, Cameron McCormick, TE, and Justin Herbert, QB

Hardest Projected Game: STAN Stanford @ OREG Oregon

Easiest Projected Game: UCDAV UC Davis @ OREG Oregon








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