The Raiders Have Looked Good in the Preseason

Photo Credit: NBC Bay Area

The Oakland Raiders haven’t had a winning record in years. However, there is some hope that this season may be a big improvement and give those dedicated Raider fans something to look forward to. This last game against the Tennessee Titans, the Raiders didn’t have a good showing of their run game or their run defense. The Raiders showed a decent ability to move the ball with the passing game and stop the Titans with their good pass defense.

The Raiders have tried to amp up their defense and have done so pretty well, however the Titans have were able to run the ball right up the middle through the defensive line. With wice receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree leading the way on the offensive side of the ball, the Raiders have looked strong passing the ball and proved to possibly be a big threat to other teams’ defenses. As we get closer to the first game of the regular season, the Raiders need to work on their run defense to have a chance at winning the AFC West.


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