Dodgers Have No Luck Giving Away Puig


Nick Cafardo, of the Boston Globe, said “The Dodgers are trying to give away Puig, but no luck. Puig, with Triple-A Oklahoma City, is considered toxic at the moment, but it takes only one team to want him. He doesn’t have too many allies in the Dodgers organization, but as one team official said recently, ‘At some point, the talent, the maturity is going to take hold. Someone will benefit from it. We hope it’s us, but it’s hard to envision it right now.'”

Puig’s Triple-A stats are (.419/.479/.721 3 HR, 2 RB, 1 3B, 11 RBI). Even with all his injury issues and missteps over the past couple of years, he is still  young player with a lot of talent. He can still be a franchise player to any team. He’s owed $14 million over the next two years. Although Puig may be a risk, if teams play their cards right he can be a small risk with a big outcome. If the Dodgers can’t trade him right now, which may not be a surprise to some people, I think they would not give him as big of a return as a lot of players with his talent and hype might. A lot of teams would still take a chance on Puig.

-Dylan Morales


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