Why Ryan Lochte Thinks that Michael Phelps Will Compete in the 2020 Olympics

Photo Credit: abc7news.com

It appears that Michael Phelps’ last two races in his Olympic career will be on Friday and Saturday, Saturday being his final individual competition.

But fellow Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte says that Michael Phelps will compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. He says that Michael Phelps will continue on his quest for more gold medals. Ryan Lochte also believes that if Michael Phelps wasn’t there, he (Lochte) would be the best swimmer.

In my opinion, I believe Michael Phelps will compete in the 2020 Olympics. If I were him, I would keep going until I got too old that I could not do it anymore. Phelps is one of the best swimmers of all time, if not the best, and I think that he should try to cushion his record of most gold medals of all time even more.