NFL Teams to Look Out for

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As the NFL season finally comes around, football fans are breaking out their jerseys to wear every Sunday or Monday night. In any sport, there is the good teams and the bad teams. This will be my list of the top 10 teams to keep an eye on for the playoff run.

10. Washington Redskins: The Redskins seemed to take the NFC East title without anybody knowing. They had an impressive off-season and I think they could be even better this year.

9. New England Patriots: This almost always playoff team will be without their star quarterback, Tom Brady. Brady was suspended for the first four games and the regular season. Four games is everything in football. That’s a big part of the season. If Brady had not been suspended, the Patriots would have been number one in this list.

8. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings seem to often go over looked in the NFL. They were just a 27-yard field goal away from taking the knocking off the Seahawks in the 2015 NFC Playoffs. Their season seems to depend on two things, depend on how their quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will mature and how healthy Adrian Peterson can stay throughout the season.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers seem like they will always be a good team. But with an aging Roethlisberger, it would take a lot to beat a team like the Panthers or the Broncos. However like every year, you can’t count them out until the end.

6. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals seem to be playoff cursed. They have all the weapons and tools to make the playoffs and be one of the top teams in the AFC once again.

5. Denver Broncos: Even though the Broncos don’t have the quarterback situation down, they will still one of the best teams in the league. With the loss of both Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan, the Broncos will still have a scary defense.

4. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals biggest fight will be against them selves. They arguably have the most complete roster in the NFL. They have more than proved that they can compete with any team in the league and can possibly win the Super Bowl this year. Their biggest challenge will be staying healthy through out the year.

3. Green Bay Packers: When was the last time the Packers weren’t in the Super Bowl talk? Their defense is looking better than last year already and with the return of Jordy Nelson will most definitely help the teams offense.

2. Carolina Panthers: The Panthers were a very strong team last year. Although they lost All-Pro corner back, Josh Norman and didn’t replace him well, they improved their offensive line.

1. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks are a power house team to say the least. They have many super stars like Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Bobby Wagner to name a few that are still in their prime. As of now, the Seahawks are the team to upset in the NFL.


-Dylan Morales



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