August 12th Preseason Football Preview

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NYG New York Giants versus MIA Miami Dolphins

The New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins face off in MetLife Stadium today. Both teams might have very good seasons this year. Last year, both teams went 6-10 and did not make the playoffs. Both teams will have a few players to watch, but these are the two players that I will be watching the most. For the Giants, I will be watching cornerback Eli Apple, the rookie out of Ohio State and the 10th pick of the 2016 NFL draft. I will be watching him because he is looking very promising. I would not be surprised if he is one of the best cornerbacks in the league in a few years. The player to watch for the Miami Dolphins is running back Arian Foster. Last year, Foster played for the Houston Texans, but now he will play in Miami. If Foster does not get injured, I feel like he will be one of the best running backs in the league this season.

DETDetroit Lions versus PIT Pittsburgh Steelers

The Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers were two opposite teams last year. One didn’t have a very good record and the other had a decent record. The team with the not so good record was the Detroit Lions. The Lions record wasn’t the worst, but it definitely wasn’t the best, as they only went 7-9, which was not enough for the Lions to make it to the playoffs. The Pittsburgh Steelers went 10-6, making them the second best team in the AFC North behind the Bengals and getting enough wins to clinch a playoff berth. The player to watch for on the Lions is wide receiver Golden Tate. He has had a few good seasons, and I feel like this may be another good one for him. The player to watch for the Steelers is their backup running, back DeAngelo Williams. He will not be a backup for the first few games of the season since he is filling in for running back Le’Veon Bell, who  will not play for the first few games of the season due to suspension. I believe DeAngelo Williams will be a great running back for the few games that Bell is out.

MIN Minnesota Vikings versus CIN Cincinnati Bengals.

The Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals should play a very tight game. The Vikings went 11–5 last season, And the Bengals went 12–4. Both teams made it to the playoffs, but neither team advanced past the Wild Card Round.  The player to watch for on the Vikings is Teddy Bridgewater. The quarterback out of Louisville led their team to a winning season last season, and he also led them to the NFC North title. The player to watch for on the Bengals is AJ Green. AJ Green is one of the top wide receivers in this league. His height gives him an advantage to catch over defenders, and in my opinion, Green is the best wide receiver or on the Bengals.

CLE Cleveland Browns versus GB Green Bay Packers

The Cleveland Browns and the Green Bay Packers are two very different teams. The Browns did not have a good record last season, going only 3-13, while the Packers had a solid record of 10-6. The Packers had a chance at making it to the Super Bowl all season long, while the Browns did not. The player to watch for on the Browns is quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin was on the Washington Redskins last season, but he came to the Browns, where he was recently named their starting quarterback. I expect him to do better on the Browns, and I think he will make the Browns a better overall team. The player to watch for on the Packers is Clay Matthews. Matthews is one of the best linebackers in the NFL. Even though Matthews is getting older, he is still great and I expect him to be great this season.

ARI Arizona Cardinals versus OAK Oakland Raiders

The Arizona Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders should play a very interesting game. Both teams have decent offenses, and I am excited to see which one will perform better. I believe that these two teams will do well this season by either making it or coming close to making it to the playoffs. A player to watch for the on the Raiders is quarterback Derek Carr. He is somewhat young and, in my opinion, he has yet to reach his prime and should do better this season than he did last season. A player to watch for on the Cardinals is Patrick Peterson. He is an elite cornerback, and even though he is getting older, I feel like these next few seasons will be strong for him.