August 11th Preseason Football Preview

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NFL preseason football is returning tonight, and in honor of the return of football, I will be predicting what team I think will win and why I think they will win.

WAS Washington Redskins versus ATL Atlanta Falcons
These two teams are not that good, but by no means are they bad It should be a close match up because their skill levels as teams are very similar. Two players to watch out for are Julio Jones for the Atlanta Falcons, and for the Pierre Garcon for the Washington Redskins. The reason I think these two players are the players to watch for is because they will both be among the top wide receivers of their team, and I am excited to see which one does better.

TB Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus PHI Philadelphia Eagles
These teams are not that great, but the game will still be competitive. The Philadelphia Eagles have a few good players I am looking forward to seeing. The new rookie quarterback out of North Dakota State, Carson Wentz, is one of them. He was very promising in college, and I am hoping that he will do well in the NFL. I am also looking forward to seeing quarterback James Winston for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a decent rookie season, and I am expecting him to improve.

CAR Carolina Panthers versus BAL Baltimore Ravens
The Carolina Panthers were the best team last year record-wise, only losing two games; one to the Falcons and the regular season, and one to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. The Baltimore Ravens, on the other hand, did not do as well, only going 5-11. The player to watch on the Panthers is Greg Olsen, who is one of the best tight ends in the league, and he’s expected to be one of the team’s top receivers this year. The player to watch for on the Ravens is quarterback Joe Flacco. He might not be very young, but he still has a great arm.

NO New Orleans Saints versus NE New England Patriots
The New England Patriots had a great season last year. They may not be the most beloved team, but they are very good. The Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the playoffs, so if the Broncos weren’t there, the Patriots would have made it to the Super Bowl. For the New Orleans Saints, they didn’t have a terrible season last year, but they went 7-9 end it was sadly not enough for them to make the playoffs. A player to watch score for the Patriots is tight end Martellus Bennett. He came to the Patriots from the Chicago Bears, and with he and Rob Gronkowski, they should be one of the best tight end duos. Also, a player to watch for the Saints is tight end Coby Fleener. He is a former Indianapolis Colt and was one of the better targets for the Colts last season.

JAC Jacksonville Jaguars versus NYJNew York Jets
The Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets did not make the playoffs last season. Then Jaguars went just 5-11, while the Jets went 10-6  A player to watch for on the Jaguars is quarterback Blake Bortles. The reason I think that you should watch him is that he is a great leader on the field,and his height gives him an advantage to throw over defenders. A player to watch for on the Jets is Eric Decker, who is a great wide receiver, and is one of the best receivers on the Jets.

DEN Denver Broncos versus CHI Chicago Bears
The Denver Broncos had a great season last year. They won the Super Bowl over the Carolina Panthers, who only lost two games. On the other hand, the Chicago Bears didn’t have a great season and didn’t make the playoffs, as they only went 6-10. A player to watch for on the Broncos is wide receiver Cody Latimer. Even though he is not considered one of the team’s best wide receivers, he will develop and eventually become an asset to whatever team he is on. A player to watch for on the Bears is wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. He is a very athletic wide receiver and is very tall, so he can make catches above his head that others cannot. He should be a great wide receiver this season and might even be one of the best players on the Bears’ team.