NBA Rookie of the Year Predictions

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  1.  Ben Simmons: Simmons is the clear front-runner for the award. Although the LSU graduate probably won’t be able to carry the 76ers to the playoffs this year, he appears to have an amazing future in the NBA.
  2.  Brandon Ingram: Drafted to the Lakers with the second overall pick in the draft, Ingram has the ability to keep up with veteran players and can maybe fill a little of the legacy that Kobe left behind this year.
  3.  Kris Dunn: Dunn is by far the best point guard in the rookie draft class this year.He has already seemed to perfect his defense and is now working on his offense. His offense isn’t bad, he just needs to keep working to perfect it.
  4.  Buddy Hield: Hield isn’t the best defensive or offensive player, but with hard work and his sharp shooting skills, his name may be in the conversation for the award by the end of the year.
  5.  Jakob Poeltl: Poeltl can play both sides of the ball very well which will help Toronto. His production may be just enough to make some noise.

-Dylan Morales


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