Can Any Team Beat USA Basketball?

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Its pretty obvious that the USA Men’s Basketball team is very good this year. The superstar team played 5 exhibition games against Argentina (won 111-74), China (won 106-57 and 107-57), Venezuela (won 80-45), and Nigeria (won 110-66). USA went 5-0 in the exhibition games and their smallest margin of victory was 35 points against, which is a big difference in basketball. The USA team only played against 4 of the 11 other teams in the Olympics. But will anyone be able to stop them?

Watching the other teams play the USA, they just don’t seem to be able to keep up with the superstars on the NBA. The basketball IQ of the USA team is just so much better than the other teams they play. The other teams, like China for example, seem to only have one player that can command the team and sink shots. Although I haven’t watched many other teams play each other, it seems pretty clear who the front-runner for the gold medal race is.

-Dylan Morales

One thought on “Can Any Team Beat USA Basketball?

  1. I think Serbia and Croatia can be dangerous for Team USA. Probably the men basketball final in Rio 2016 will be USA vs Croatia or USA vs Serbia.


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